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  1. New download location is here: http://www.fatpigtures.com/#lutastic sorry, can't edit the initial post on here.
  2. thanks for the heads up! I'm happy you guys like it!
  3. Release! v1.4 now offers these changes: - smaller font size in previews - remembers previous paths for input file and LUT folder - improved JPG image quality - Displays LUTs 55 at a time, up to 1000 LUTs per Folder - Added left and right buttons to click through LUTs - slightly faster in generating previews - improved stability - added error messages for better bug reporting - corrected aspect ratio for non-widescreen sources You can try it now over on: http://www.fatpigtures.com/lutastic.html @Tim Colquhoun It's my pleasure! Happy to help some fellow editors! @buggz we fixed it!
  4. update! v1.3 now has increased LUT compatibility and clear error messaging. The first two users to write a review of the trial version here will get a free full license. email me at info@fatpigtures.com with the subject "LUTastic Review EOSHD".
  5. thanks buggz! of course, this feature will be implemented in the next version.
  6. Hey guys, I just finished coding my new Software to get a preview of all your LUTs on your footage. It features a still preview, as well as multiple simultaneous video previews, if you wish. You can try it now over on: http://www.fatpigtures.com/lutastic.html The first three guys to contact me via email at info@fatpigtures.com with the subject "EOSHD LUTastic" will get a free full license.
  7. thanks shanebrutal ! still, would you say its "pocketable" ? for grab&go, travel, etc?
  8. thanks guys! So I guess my dream lens does not exist. Looked at those - I'd love to have a stabilizer and autofocus in there- for a walking around camera with vlog style videos.. I guess the 12-24mm would be too large and then we're pretty much out of options, arent we?
  9. I'd love a good suggestion for a wide-angle for my new NX500 and its 4k mode. It would have been awesome to use the EF-S 10-18mm Canon lens, but sadly it doesnt come with an f-stop control. Any affordable smart adapters? Good older Glass? thanks!
  10. Has anyone here tried NX-mini lenses on the NX500 for 4k wideangles? Seems an almost perfect match, doesnt it? Will it fit?
  11. Dont worry guys, I wrote a little utility a while back that will copy your video stream and convert the audio stream to PCM or AAC. You can actually use this for copying files from your SD card to your HDD so you dont lose any time. http://fatpigtures.com/software/ it is called WinRewrap and its basically just a convenient GUI for ffmbc. Have not tried it for this purpose personally but give it a shot. I can make adjustments to the software, too if needed. PS: You have to rename your source files' extension to MTS and get the newest version of ffmbc (Zeranoe's Builds) for this to work. If it does work for you, let me know and I can update the program.
  12. has anyone tried the from this link? https://github.com/ottokiksmaler/nx500_nx1_modding/blob/master/ST%20Commands.md maybe that will turn off noise reduction? Also there was talk about 3D lenses maybe switching off Noise reduction. Has this been tested?
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