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    BTM_Pix got a reaction from wyrlyn in any word on bmpcc4k phone live screen?   
    Yes, I keep meaning to do a post about it but the solution is to use the CineEye HDMI transmitter then you can use it in split screen with our 3C app.
    I haven't got time to do a full post about it for the next week or so but here it is in action.
    With the Tilta wheel integrated into 3C it makes quite a nice little package.

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    BTM_Pix got a reaction from Angelo DjSpugna Salamini in Hello BTM_Pix, do you know if it’s possible to connect lumix GX80 over FTP to downloa   
    Your best bet is to get an eyefi card. The pro version or whatever its called in the current incarnation allows you to do RAW upload to iPad. 
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