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  1. Geoff Boyle is such a man of wisdom. I have seen one of his talks. Just brilliant. ?
  2. Hey Guys, Quick question, I have a Zacuto EVF for my Canon 1dc works beautifully but when I want to mirror from the camera it crops down is this normal. I just wanted to see my F STOP etc on the camera/overlays without out cropping. Can it be done? Thanks
  3. No the C500 Can't do 4k 60p in Pro Res Raw. Atomos cleared this up. It has to record across two drives for 60p 4k.
  4. love to chat through your setup, exactly what I need but can't find it here in the UK
  5. nice dude, I heard there may be a mirrorless Full Frame from canon on its way in September so hold on to your pennies. Nice is the padded weight and the handles from Letus? I can't get them here in the UK Sadly. What I want built so well. Connect with me on Instagram buddy @ollywood88 and @fix8films on there
  6. True.. the 4k cinema lite is perfect but that is it the internal codecs 1080p and 2k are weak.. 2K on the c500 is amazing.. You can get a c500 for under 5k. I am in the UK I spent the 7q with licenses for RAW to pro res, drives and the camera for just shy of 5k. Media cost on the Raw Lite on the c200 is a lot more.. It is a great camera but only for the raw lite internal 8 bit isn't great.
  7. Spot on mate, Spoke to atomos it can only do 4k 30p in pro res raw, I think its due to having the processing power. The 4k 60 can only be done across two drives on the 7q, There may be an option on the 7Q I doubt Atomos will support it. Great stills buddy, Get a c500 i my opinion yes it lacks the Dynamic range of the C300MKII no Clog 2 or 3 or autofocus, but.... It has 12 bit 60fps 4444 the c300 mark 2 can only do this in 10 bit over 30fps it can do 12bit 4444 only up to 30fps. The 12 bit 4444 is beautiful in 60fps. It has 4k 60p raw AND HALF RAW.. The fan noise is a pain but run and gun stuff your ok. 1080p is ok internal no frame rates tho that are any good. I nearly brought a c300mkii but saw it more of a side grade not upgrade. Nice Rig man, Is that shanks Letus Man cam... I would love that for my 1DC... Do you own it? Was the c500 heavy on it? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your kind words. The C500 is special just like the 1dc, The C300 MKII has the lovely clog 2 and 3 that is it, its more of a side grade than an upgrade. The fan noise can be fixed.. All depends on how long you are shooting for. I think cost wise it beats a lot of cameras hands down, Just let down by the Dynamic Range.autofocus but hey it was released in 2012 wasn't it. Pair it with the 7Q it is amazing. The atoms does not support 2k. What is frustrating is that in the menu it has 2k 120fps nobody has even gave it a thought.
  9. I use the c500 for all my work 2k 60 12bit the C300 mkii does not have this. It is an amazing camera. I think you can get DPAF on this it’s not been done however it is the same sensor as the C300 mk1 and that has DPAF. Re: Pro Res Raw, in the menus it does have 4k 60 raw and 4k 120fps half raw email Atomos and shout about it they should consider it. Here is some of the Work shot with the c500, a documentary I am working as a DP on
  10. Guys, Love this @dunjoye I shot this with The Canon C500 IN 1080p and the Canon 1DC. It is such a special camera. I was also looking at selling for the 4k 60p auto focus of the Canon 1DX 2. If the 1DX 2 just had that lovely super 35mm mode I would be gone. Still love my 1DC.
  11. Thanks for all your advice guys next question what are your archiving and post work flow I.E Import into a drobo or similar and make copies across multiple drives, Looking at an archiving solution, I haven't heard great things about the DROBO heard a lot about failures Thanks
  12. Thanks are they 7200rpm drives now? Or still the 5400rpm?
  13. Hi Guys I currently use GRAIDS for my editing. 4TB. does anyone use the Lacie external drives? Are they any good? They seem cheaper in price than a GTECh. I have always used GTECH. thoughts Thanks
  14. B Cam to match Canon's profiles 1dx Mark 2 (Pricey) Canon 5d4 or 5d 3. The Sony a7 series will be hard to match colour profiles, unless you do quite a lot of tests.
  15. Its not too bad, it is just a little soft. great for dream like sequences but intercut with the 4k will look soft. Yeah any other dslr, I use the c500 as our A Cam for the 2k 60fps.
  16. Good move you will love it. Brought a SmallHD 501 for it super cheap like 350 GBP with extras.
  17. Thanks Guys My iMac is 2013 I7 3.0GHZ turbo boost ssd 512 and 32gb ram still struggles a bit. I will be editing in Premiere Pro. Just wanted to see the quickest and most efficient way for pro res to Premiere? I haven't used it much for video yet as my A Cam is a Canon C500. I haven't came across this yet? But was it the solution? Thanks guys
  18. Hi Guys, I know @DaveAltizer has said about his method. But....what are people using to transcode the 4k 1DC footage to pro Res for a more manageable Edit? I guess the same goes for the 1dx 2 Thanks Guys
  19. Agree. I brought the 1dc for cheap around 2700 with mic, 3 batteries a card and new charger. I love the camera. Shane Hurlbut loves the 1DC, Shame the 1dx mark 2 has no CLOG. Guys, @DaveAltizer wants to do an in depth guide. Keen to hear everyone who uses it their workflow 4k - pro res options. Or any accessories you like of the 1DC
  20. John loving this images, in the right hands this camera is very nice. Also the c500 has a good HD mode, you can shoot externally 12 bit or 10 bit. Internal the c500 is just a c300. I feel 2k 50fps or 60ps US is where to camera excels. Haven't shot 4k with it I need to.
  21. @Dogtown No thing major, files are always ok. What happens is when I press breaking the screen freezes, I spoke to CD and they said just pull the cable out and reinsert and that does work. I mean when I play clips back, I have like glitch looking screen, then I go back out and play again its fine. I love the setup it produces great images, just the file size sucks. The grade is perfect tho, the footage. I haven't shot much 4k just 12 bit 4444. I normally shoot 2k 50fps and then 1/100 shutter and decide to slow down in post or not, Looks nice. Just need a cage for the 7Q for holding it now.
  22. Thanks buddy, It it was a shame it was in the s35 mode. It is really bad post sharpened. I have the c500 for the 2k 60fps really. Nice to be compact sometimes. Thanks I will take a look. I have the Zacuto Viewfinder and handgrip. I think the Focus would be great, I have the blade with the C100 it was nice but the battery life sucked. @DaveAltizer Post workflow would be helpful, are you transcoding from 4K To pro res? Thanks
  23. yeah sorry I meant would of been nice smallhd focus monitor with a loupe for shoulder rig shots. Have you shot much with the 1dc in 1080p 60fps? is it quite soft? Thanks
  24. Thanks for the reply. Sounds like a good idea. You got a link to it. I have a Z Finder but be too small of the Focus. Sounds Ideal. Yeah could do, I have had it since July time, its a great camera. I mainly shoot the 4k, Must try the 1080p 60fps too. Shame its not in the super 35 mode. Thanks
  25. Thanks buddy, Any EVF or loupe for it yet? for handheld rig stuff. Didn't want to fork out loads for the gratical. Thanks
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