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  1. Haha I really don't sleep much. And thank you! yeah we definitely wanted to keep it taking left turns
  2. Hey all, Made my first real music video, and it just came out. For the most part it was a two-man-band of me + my filmmaking partner for every step (writing/cinematography/editing/etc), with some help in lighting, transit, and makeup from a few members of the band and our actors. In short, this is about a woodworker who has at least 2 accidents. It was about 50% scripted and 50% improvised, and we shot this over the course of about 12 hours in Astoria, Sunset Park, and the LES with no permits, no budget, and no crew (and our gimbal went haywire). Some things could have been neater for sure, and I wish I could change a few shots, but I'm also very happy with a lot of it. My big takeaways are I need to step up my lighting game a lot, and I just need to simply allow for more time in my production schedule for this kind of thing. Framing could use some work in a few places too. We shot on an NX1 as our a-cam, and a hacked NX500 in 2.5K mode as a b-cam. Critique & suggestions are definitely welcome and appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  3. Bumping this to note that I'll do the body only (plus 4 batteries, flash, and silicone cover) for $500 plus shipping.
  4. Sorry, I was out of town for the weekend! Yeah, 2.5K is full sensor and i notice very little aliasing/moire. And again, virtually no rolling shutter. The 60P mode in 2.5K is *not* reliable, but 24p and 30p work great.
  5. Selling my excellent condition NX500 with HACKED firmware that allows bitrates up to 180MB/s in h265 with a fast enough card (roughly equivalent to well over 300 mb/s in h264). This is about as good as deals get for aspiring young filmmakers. This camera has an APS-C sensor that shoots great cropped 4K with no pixel binning (about the same sensor readout size as the GH4). But where this camera really shines is in the 2.5K mode that the hack enables. This gets a full sensor readout (about 6k) and downscales it to 2.5k. The most amazing feature of this downscale is there is ***VIRTUALLY NO ROLLING SHUTTER WHEN PANNING***. This is especially good with the included Fluid Head tripod. Anyone who has used any modern camera without a global shutter knows how amazing this is-- name a high-end camera (a7s/r2, GH4, 5D3, etc) and its plagued by horrible rolling shutter. This affords you so many more opportunities as a filmmaker for creative movement. 2.5K also gives you more than enough resolution to reframe and stabilize footage for 1080p delivery. Its only weaknesses for video are is it has no mic input, and it has no flat profile-- but I made a custom flat profile for you to use, and I've included a Tascam DR-05 audio recorder for audio. As a stills camera, its great too, with blazing fast AF and 28MP. The color science for both pictures and video is phenomenal, the best on the market. In addition to the camera, I'm including: -Tokina 24-40 f/2.8 zoom lens (constant aperture) -Nikon F adapter -Tascam DR-05 External Recorder for audio. -4 batteries + charger -Samsung removable hotshoe flash -silicone protective cover -vintage Miller super-8 fluid head tripod-- Miller tripods are *legendary* and this one is a little wonky, but still creates unbeatable images for the price, featuring a *true fluid head*. This + the lack of rolling shutter will open up new creative opportunities for you as a filmmaker. $650 or best reasonable offer, + shipping from NYC. Open to reasonable trades. Located in NYC and prefer local, in person deals accordingly Personal website & DVX user profiles to prove i exist: www.donaldborenstein.com http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/member.php?118218-belleandlilsebastian
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