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  1. Not just that, as someone pointed out, there is dedicated white-balance button on top, making this article doubly dumb.
  2. Sony released/upgraded 3 A mount lenses in 2015. A mount still have more FF lenses than E-mount. In any case, no one is forcing anyone to buy any camera. Why on earth someone would demand that Sony not release a camera in a mount they don't own any lenses? Many people do own such lenses and have been buying these cameras since 2006 (and even earlier with Minolta). Buy A7RII if you are interested in E-mount version.
  3. Whether there would be larger E-mount cameras in future (I suspect Sony will put this sensor in FS series someday) that has nothing at all do that Amount users were demanding an upgrade to the 4-year old A99 ,and they got one. Stop demanding that Sony stop making cameras for A-mount users as most of those people have been A-mount shooter long before this site even existed, and most likely long before you bought any Sony camera.
  4. WTH? There are hundreds of thousands of A mount users who want A mount camera. Who are you to tell Sony that Sony should not make cameras for their A mount users? When asked, Sony always denied they will abdomen A mount. So in that sense, this camera isn't a surprise.
  5. What's the point of writing article on "menu" when you haven't even touched the camera? How do you know there is no access to white balance via Fn button?
  6. The person I responded to obviously doesn't as he said F5 doesn't do internal 4K. The "paid" 4K firmware update 2 years ago was less than $1000 which is peanuts given we are talking about $10,000+ cameras. Even before that, there was hack that allowed internal 4K recording anyway. Most F5s sold today are already updated to 4K fw version, aren't they? The point is that when C300 Mk II was released, F5 by that time, already did internal 4K. and much more (ProRes, DNxHD, HDCAM SR 422 and 444, 10-bit XAVC, high frame rates, all internally, and 16-bit raw to AXS-R5 raw recorder.)
  7. One more time, F5 can do internal 4K since 2014 after firmware upgrade (there was a free hack before that allowed 4K on F5 anyway, internally, without external recorder). Aside from 4K December 2014 update enable recording in Apple ProRes and Avid’s DNxHD codecs directly to the Sony SxS Pro+ memory cards that the camera normally uses (note that's internally). These cameras already supported XAVC, MPEG2 and HDCAM SR, not to mention the additional RAW option that's available if you have the AXS-R5 raw recorder.
  8. F5 was released in 2012, 4 years ago, and it can do internal 4K with FW. Is there solid evidence for the claim that F5 has 1 stop less DR?
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