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  1. This is what I want in a cine camera, we must be close to a company providing most of these specs in the one body and at a reasonable price. Panasonic S1 FF Sensor Interchangeable L Mount Internal 4K 10bit 4:2:2 Recording without crop (24-25fps minimum) Internal 4K Raw without crop (24-25fps minimum) Dual IS (internal IS capable of being enabled or disabled) Dual Pixel AF 2 x XLR’s 5” Daylight viewable Fully articulating touchscreen LCD Built in Electronic ND’s 6-8 stops 1 x SD and 1 x Cfast 2.0 Recording Slots 1 X SDI Input/ Output 1 x HDMI Input/ Output 1 x Timecode/Sync Multicam 1 X USBC 1 x Headphone Jack 2 x Batteries (one in the handgrip and a second under the body of camera) 1 x Locking Lemo Power Connector (rear of camera) Wireless Control via smart device Live Streaming Larger than the current Canon XC15 smaller than the C200 Similar (redesigned) handgrip as XC15 with additional function buttons 6-7 User assignable function buttons One push AF and Auto Control for run and gun situations https://www.l-rumors.com/would-you-like-to-get-an-l-mount-panasonic-cinema-camera/
  2. Hi is the FS5 camera still available or is it sold ?
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