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  1. Where did You get that from? From MediaInfo on NX1 clip: 3840x2160 HEVC (Main @ Level 5.1)!
  2. Your math is wrong. The crop factor has nothing to do with the bitrate. Both cams: 3840x2160! NX1 at 80 Mbps, NX500 at 70 Mbps.
  3. I´m not impressed at all. Looks very contrasty with blownout highlights. I dont get the all the praising comments on youtube!
  4. 1080p does not look great! Soft and full of moire. https://vimeo.com/182286557
  5. When I went through the file frame by frame in avidemux, I counted 29 P-frames in a row, but mediainfo reported a GOP of 15 as you said. I don´t know if avidemux shows it right. Go to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Context-adaptive_binary_arithmetic_coding
  6. Hello, I`m new to this forum, but a long term reader, because it is the best forum for information about NX1 (which I own). The Fuji got my interest for its pleasing colours. I downloaded two original files from http://www.dkamera.de/news/preview-beispielaufnahmen-der-fujifilm-x-t2/ and discovered, that the codec implemantation may not be very good. It uses a "High L5.1" variation of mp4 at 102 Mbps with no CABAC and no B-frames unlike for example Sony RX100IV etc. One I-frame followed by 30 P-frames according to mediainfo and avidemux. Just like smartphones, but at a higher bitrate.
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