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  1. Can you add some more details about your workflow? I now have an X-T3 and would love to have even just an approximation of emotive color (I already own it for GH5 but sold that camera).
  2. What's your post diffusion workflow if you don't mind me asking?
  3. @Sage Do you have any experience with the HDTV/FX filters? Seems to be a combo of ultra con and digital diffusion fx (but I'm having trouble finding out the strength of each).
  4. Does anyone have some ungraded Panasonic G80/85 Cinelike D footage?
  5. Thanks! I'm going to buy GHa in a moment, even though I don't have a GH5 yet Hopefully I can find some sample footage to practice on (perhaps even some G85 Cinelike D just for the fun of it!). I was thinking of getting two filters - one variable ND for convenience and a Black Pro-Mist. But I gather that getting a DD1 would be a better choice?
  6. I'm looking at those shots on a crappy old laptop, so take this with a grain of salt - but while the GH5 with filters shot looks great in terms of fall-off, it also looks quite soft. Won't all this manipulation make the image too soft (LC, DD1, digital olpf, 1080 upscale)? I like a detailed, organic filmic image. Not the overly sharp digital look. But I don't want to go too far in the other direction and make it look like it was shot on Betamax with a 35mm adapter :)
  7. @JeremyDulac You're right. I think the extra options threw me for a loop.
  8. @Sage, the OLPF screenshot in the documentation doesn't quite match what I see in Resolve 15. Will it be updated (or am I just missing something)?
  9. Yeah, I'm really in love with that color. Wish I knew his settings/workflow.
  10. Sage, this is bloody amazing. I've read the whole thread now and watched just about every video posted. I didn't really consider the GH5 (small sensor etc.), but with these settings, it blows everything in its price range away. Sony colors look mighty wonky compared to this. If I get a GH5 this is an insta-buy.
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