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  1. On 2017-07-03 at 1:59 AM, jax_rox said:

    Sony and Panasonic don't/didn't have the established customer base and were/are much more able to be nimble and take bigger risks. That's why they were able to make such a dent.

    A bit unfair for Sony. They started the movement with the Mavica, and the whole A line is simply the extension of Minolta. And they are letting this base die, going full blast on the E line. Where they discover that they are competing against themselves as not a single normal human being is able to see the difference in picture quality between any digital camera over 3K$. We are back to the good ole' video days when you would show Joe Public an image on a Conrac (later on Barco) and the cheapest colour set and he would prefer the cheaper one with its gaudy colours.

    I would say that the real disrupters are RED and Blackmagic, especially the former who has bought a lot of excellent technology from the Brits, they are now able to furnish a whole studio if not station.


  2. On 2017-01-19 at 5:51 PM, hijodeibn said:

    XC10/15 image quality was my biggest disappointment in 2016, I was looking for something to go gun and run and the camera looks like a dream in paper…..but just in paper, I think all XC10 owners here already sell their cameras and moved to something else, in my case I finally went C100 route, and very happy for now!!!

    Wow! Comparing apple juice and wine!

  3. I hope that Canon doesn't drop the XC_* line. My XC-10 is a little marvel of right compromises.

    Wish list is quite simple:

    a) Servo zoom (could be an add-on with its own batteries)

    b) A wider and faster lens

    c) A more complex flash shoe (with audio and HDMI video out) plus a bottom strip with all i/o plus power.

    So you would have:

    a) XC-10 plus add-on servo

    b) XC-15 Never understood the concept

    c) XC-20 (the 10, plus the servo and I/O)

    d) XC-30 with a wider-faster servo lens and the I/O

    The price point is easy to figure out, both the XC-10 and 15 drop by 500$USD

    And the new 20 is a couple of hundred more than the XC-10 while the 30 is a $1,000

    Stretching the wish list would be a bare XC with a mount, only an on/off button, no side-grip. Only a HDMI and USB plus a back or under plate for batteries and holes galore. Controlled by wi-fi or USB. At $3,000 it would make a killing as an expendable camera.

    Going against the Canon faith would be to add support to the new hi-speed SD card, but this is asking too much.

  4. Is anyone aware of who is the japanese 'sponsor' for the XC series? For the Canon Scoopic decades ago it was NHK. Would seem that the XC would had been a order from a newspaper chain. My Japanse is nil, so if someone has any links, that would help.

    Owner of one by the way

  5. As I’ve said before we are in Canon repeating the Scoopic story 40 years later. The 16mm camera was an order from NHK to have a sturdy news camera to compete with the Beaulieu and Bolex of the time. It was sturdy but had that committee feel to it. Using a Beaulieu in Vietnam was playing Russian Roulette, a Bolex died the first day.

    The XC10 is in the same category. After almost 6 months using it for what it is, a news reporter video and photo camera, I’m highly please. We don’t do small documentaries but again it would fit the bill if we had too. And I’m sure that some are used as C cameras in big budget production, at the price they’re expendable after all and nobody will notice a 48 frames cut. As long as the card survives, everybody is happy.

    To try to express how sick and tired I am of the purist would be an understatement. The XC10 does the job. What I don’t understand is the XC-15, but then again I still don’t get E=MC2 perfectly.

    But what I truly don’t understand is the lack of a power zoom or the feeling that the XC line could be an ecosystem on its own. Why not offer on the bottom a replica of the I/O, usb, hdmi, sound and viewfinder out? Or at the flash head, viewfinder out and sound in? Imagine a small Oled viewfinder on top! Not a great engineering feat. But imagine how many 3rd party accessories would come to life.

    And what about a choice of lens, the one supplied which does the work, a shorter but faster one and one with a Canon mount.

    As is it is an excellent compromise. If you want a C700, then get one. If you are limited in resources, get this. And by the way, hundred of thousands of hours of tv programs worldwide are shot on cameras well below the specs of the XC-10.



  6. It hit me like  brick late Friday, The XC10 is the reincarnation of the Canon Scoopic! http://www.webtfg.com/sync10.htm

    That camera was a request by NHK for a simple to use newscamera with better handling that an Arri or a Beaulieu. Both difficult to use alone and the Beaulieu was not the most trustworthy camera ever build. My hearth in 73 was between both the Canon and the Beaulieu, about 2k$. But I was giving access to a 16BL for free (my best price) at a local college along with a Nagra II if I recall and a nice wooden with splinters spring loaded tripod and head.

  7. Love these post, have gone thru them in some or another for almost 50 years. First with: The only way to shoot a movie is with a Mitchell. Followed by: Reflex are for sissies. Then: Arris may be good as expendable cameras. And let's not forget: 16mm is for amateur! Which was technically true as it was introduced as such.

    Let's not forget the great Super8 debate! There is a better format and it's 9.5mm! Which was true, except that film was not available in most places on the planet.

    I've bought an XC 10, not even touching it (that was almost 2 months ago, it's backordered at Canon Canada), but I've read the EBU report, those that have actually edit a 2" quad tape with a blade needed reading skills, seen the videos and for what it is intended to do: A news video camera with decent still capability. It mores than fill the needs for me and I guess a couple of thousands of news person in North America alone.

    Now if only someone would produced a 8K video camera with a 1:100, T1.4, lenses with integral satellite uplink for a slightly lower price than the XC-10 in the same size and weight, I'm willing to reconsider my purchase. Gosh i was forgetting the XLR. :glasses:

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