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  1. I have the FX9 on pre-order... my only big issues with it is that FF 50/60p is a 5K crop and that you need the XDAC extension for raw output. I’d be fine if it still needed external recorder, but both the big back AND a recorder is a bit much. On the other hand, the internal codec will be fine for 90% of my work, and for the rest 10bit 422 ProRes via a Ninja V will be just fine. No 6K recording is also not an issue as that’s twice the file sizes of 4K. I’m already struggling with file sizes of decent codec 4K. The FX6 will probably be an FS5-like version of the FX9. Smaller
  2. Rumour has it that the top of the line iPhone 11 will be called iPhone 11 Pro. Maybe Apple wants to put ProResRAW in it as part of its "Pro" moniker? Having to pay a license to RED on a quadzillion iPhones would mean millions of dollars. Apple doesn't want to do that year after year.
  3. Cine Alta start with the F5 which is $15.000-ish? The FS-line isn’t Cine Alta and is where it would end up most likely. But I would love if it merged with the FS-line. As i said, an A7SIII in an FS5 body. Hell yeah!
  4. Sony themselves have already stated that they estimate that the A7 line cannibalise around 30% of their FS-series cameras. And no wonder if they bring out silly updates like the FS5mkII. They need to start to bring some of the innovations of the A7-line to the FS-line! My dream camera is an A7SIII in an FS5 body. Now with the Ninja V, I don’t even care if it does 10bit internally. Just give me a video camera body with ibis and the improved AF and full frame... (along with what the FS5 already have). I’d easily pay €7-8000 for that!
  5. Very disappointed in the FS5II as well! I was really hoping to see some of the innovations from the A7 line make it into a FS5 form factor. The FS5 would really come to it’s own with IBIS and the auto focus of the new A7/9 cameras... Regarding the A7SIII, my guess is it will be 10bit in HD and 8bit 4K internally and 10bit 4K with the Ninja V. Maybe if they wanna go crazy it’ll have ProRes RAW with the Ninja V... Another killer feature would be if they could squeeze the electronic ND from the FS5 into the A7SIII! If they manage that they would get away with 8bit internally (and 10bit exte
  6. I don't mind them trying to make a sequel... Even if it's one tenth as good as the original/first, it will most likely still be twice as good as most things coming out I really hate the idea that Deckard could be a Replicant. So the biggest thing they could do to eff things up for me is that if he is. (they could explain it by saying that if the 4-year lifespan is never implemented, they age like humans, I would hate that).
  7. Trailer has me alternating between "Wow!" and "No!" (or at least "meh!"). Biggest worries for me are Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins. Haven't seen anything by either of them that really impressed me. Deakins is a great technician, but he's not an artist. Maybe he can pull it off as there's a clear blueprint to follow with Blade Runner... I'm staying cautiously optimistic... Whoever to forgot to tell Harrison Ford to change from his t-shirt into costume should have been fired though
  8. The FS700 only outputs 100fps and above as raw data. So with any current Atomos product you are limited to HD at 60p. 4K up to 30p only. The inferno is said to do 4K at 60p, but I haven't seen anywhere where it has been specifically stated that it can turn the FS700 raw and turn it to 60p ProRes. I assume it will though. Also haven't seen anything that says specifically it will be able to turn the FS700's high speed 2K raw and record it. So until that is clarified, it's a bit of a crap shot. Also the release date of the Inferno can slip (or not). So with current Shoguns you have 60p HD an
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