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  1. Just updating that I realize the rolling shutter isn't so bad on the C200. It's the same as the EVA1 and other cameras in that price point. I had shot a project on the C300 Mark II recently and got spoiled on the speed of that sensor.
  2. I thought the rolling shutter was a little much for the C200 given its price point. My 5D Mk 3 with ML Raw continues to be the ideal camera for me, even if the rolling shutter is a little worse, the size and versatility make it very convenient.
  3. It is, but I'm warming up to keeping it...
  4. Sorry for the late response on this - all of the lenses are sold!
  5. CANON C200 EF Cinema Camera Condition New, open box. Recording tested for just a few seconds. Reason for selling I bought this for an ongoing documentary. The project is stalled, so I don't want to have this sitting around for a year. I bought it new in box from a seller who had purchased it in July from Adorama [original invoice included]; he never unsealed the box, and I was the first to open and register the camera. The camera is registered with Canon for a one year warranty, beginning Nov 1, 2017; I can assist with any warranty issues. Included Canon C200 EF Cinema Camera (
  6. The GH5 is now sold but the Veydra kit is still available. Individually: 16mm $650 25mm $550 35mm $700
  7. Panasonic GH5 - $1,800.00 Well I tried it and decided finally to minimize my gear down to the 5D Mark III. I can’t get enough of ML Raw. So here’s the GH5 for sale. -Less than 100 shutter count, all functions tested and everything works perfectly. -Brand new condition. Comes with everything you get when buying new. -Screen protector has been on the LCD screen from day one, and will be included, installed with no air bubbles -Purchased from a Hong Kong vendor (I'm based in HK and USA). The cable for the charger has been switched to a USA style by the HK vendor. -Original box was
  8. This is a 1DX Mark II, purchased from Glazer's Camera in Seattle in July 2016. It has a shutter count of around 12000. The camera is gently used with small marks of wear here and there, but it works perfectly. There are no dead pixels or any bugs or glitches with photo or video capture. The camera comes with: -LP-E19 Battery -LC-E19 Charger -Plug for North America -EC-C6 Focusing Screen -Eyecup EG -R-F-3 Body Cap -Connect Cover for LP-E4 -IFC-150U II USB 3.0 Interface Cable for EOS 7D Mark II DSLR -Canon digital Solution disk -Wide camera strap L7 -Manual and Warrant
  9. I didn't add any sharpening and did color correction on Resolve. I will try it out; thanks for the tip to you and Squig.
  10. This trailer is for a feature documentary (80 minutes) I shot that was projected at three different theaters for festivals. I screened on Blu-Ray for the festivals because DCP wasn't an option for one reason or another. To qualify what I write, I made tests of DCP vs Blu Ray for another film at a theater and found that Blu Ray washes out color without losing much in resolution. I have also projected two different films at festivals occasionally on Blu Ray, one shot on 35mm and another on the Alexa. In my experience, 5D Raw has noticeably less resolution than the Alexa and 35mm (with 2K DI
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