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  1. Hello everybody, i need your assistance.. I have the chance to buy a Samsung NX1+batterygrip+Samsung NX 16-50mm f2-2.8+ charger. The premium bundle for 1400€. But all that is without a bill because the camera has been won. So no warranty right? What should i do?
  2. So what would you guys prefer for photography? Sony A6300 or Samsung NX1? I know Samsung quit the market, but the APS-C E-mount lenses are just disappointing..I am torn between those two.. Pros NX1: larger body, touchscreen, overall handling, bigger battery. Cons NX1: Samsung is pulling out of the market! Here in Germany it becomes more and more difficult to get a Samsung lense, no future support or so on. Pros A6300: Maybe AF, little bit better low light performance, there are smart adapters for Canon, Nikon and Sony A-mount lenses, Sony has a future unlike Samsung. Cons A6300: Body/ overall
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