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  1. It makes me think of the Epson Page Count planned obsolescence "scandal" : https://therestartproject.org/design/triumphing-together-against-planned-obsolescence/ Standard practices it seems. Or when people realized ink cardtriges really are utterly overpriced colored liquids, some crafty users did stuff like this (basically to self recharge and have continuous and affordable ink): And the Epson reacted...with that : It seems it's still up to users to create some rumble and class actions to have things move forward in a good way.
  2. Yes, gyroscope data seems to be asked for by VFX guys (from what i understand this could be useful to simplify tracking - less motion blur & a way to stabilize footage, composite, then i guess remove it if shaky cam is needed after ?). The way i understand it, Active mode uses the gyro data in camera, so, without the ability to tweak it in post, it should be working with any lenses (manual, vintage, ...) which is great. I've heard in a video that E-mount zoom lenses could be controlled via the A7siii screen to do zoom movement "electronically", without touching the barrel of the
  3. True. This is even trickier with raw files as you need to grade before exporting and then stabilize in another software. Really hope this comes to Resolve natively as well.
  4. Wait till people discover the power of gyroscope stabilization that's going to be in the A7siii... In case you haven't seen this stabilization solution, here's a video on it on the FX9 : Coming from a french (and not so convenient) solution maybe spoken about here called the Steadxp, i have to say i'm reaaaally excited Sony put it in those cameras... Here's a really good example of Steadxp on 100% handheld Bmpcc6k : https://m.facebook.com/SteadXP/videos/bmpcc-4k-sigma-art-18-35-f18/647160182520352/?__so__=permalink&__rv__=related_videos
  5. You should search the forum, i think somewhere Mr Rectilux explained a bit the different versions.
  6. Aren't the AIS Multi coated though ? From what i've read, only some really early E versions have single coating, like this one. Those after 1972 have MC : http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/50mm-f2.htm
  7. Hi, i'm selling a Hypergonar HIFI 2 kit with Redstan front & back clamps. The lens is in very good condition, the clamps are as new. It's in Paris but I can ship worldwide in a carefully protected package. If you're in Paris or happen to stop by, we can meet ! Rear is 72mm, front is 95mm. 400 euros without shipping costs. I sell it to fund other lenses... PM if you're interested...!
  8. Thanks Andy. What about using the PIX for focusing also ? Is the screen good enough ?
  9. Hi, i almost finished my Hypergonar 2x setup and bought a Aputure VS2 FineHD thinking that Magic Lantern would output the 2x anamorphic display...And found out that it doesn't (& the VS2FineHD only has a 2.35 mode which is a shame because for the price, this monitor is really good ! I sent a message to the Aputure telling them that they should add it to a future update - adding more anamorphic desqueeze options shouldn't be too hard as they already did one). So now, i'm thinking of getting a really good monitor for focusing mainly and it seems the 702 bright is the way to go. One
  10. Why would they produce only a 77mm ?! Would have made more sense to produce larger ones to be sure it fits more models.
  11. I'm trying to find a solution to the double focus problem on the Hifi2. I don't have that lens atm but i've seen the SLR Magic Range Finder is only 77mm in diameter whereas the Hifi2 has a 82mm front thread. Can anybody who has a Hifi2 confirm that this will vignette if we put a 77mm filter on the front or not ?
  12. Hi, i've decided to make an anamorphic setup but i'm a bit lost with the technical aspects & the latest hardware developments (Focus Module & SLR Magic Range Finder) so thanks if anyone can answer here. I'm sorry if it sometimes reads as i'm thinking out loud, but i really need help though (and maybe it'll help other people too). Setup I'd like to shoot a narrative short film with the following setup : Helios 44-2 58mm f2 as a taking lens with a Hypergonar Hifi 2 or 16ST, most probably on a A7SII (i'd like to be able to make tests on my Canon 650D /T4i) with
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