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  1. just for reference. i logged all values. maybe someone is interested. prefman values on NX1: if this is too much text for this thread let me know, i couldn't find any spoiler option
  2. afaik someone (i think it was otto?) found the problem, which is a memory leak. he also provided a possible fix that nobody tried so far. disabling power saving mode didn't work. i just can't seem to find that post anymore... it was either here or on dpreview. i'll report back once i found it. update: there it is:
  3. please stop thinking i don't think h265 has trouble at higher bitrates compared to h264. this is heavily dependend on the encoder used. and we are talking about hardware encoders, not software encoders that have been optimized for 10 years. i highly doubt the NX1/NX500 would have better quality with h264 at the same bitrate. and furthermore if there's no h264 encoding chip on the board there's no chance to do it anyways. at 4k resolution no one should be using h264, IMHO (this was a post based on personal experience and my own opinion)
  4. So this sounds like lossy RAW on NX1 might be possible. does anyone have an idea on how to easily toggle this lossy raw setting, if it's possible at all?
  5. so i signed up just for this. i'm so happy to hear there's something going on with this piece of future thank you so much Chant for trying to unleash the full potential of this thing. you have my full support! hopefully this leads to something so we could all be happy. custom 4k/60fps... that's what i'm dreaming of
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