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    Nathan Gabriel got a reaction from John 67 in Time to step up - Panasonic GH5 must go 6K Super 35mm to compete in 2016   
    Obviously the gh4 is near and dear to many people's hearts. It also seems like they'd feel abandoned by Panasonic if a s35 sensor was introduced even if the sensor supported the old lenses. Let's not forget that a great part of the gh4 was it's body being the same as the gh3, backwards compatibility plays well with budget minded customers. A larger sensor might benefit noise and low light, but not much else. And many people have suggested  great improvement ideas that don't require a larger sensor (global shutter is my favorite). Instead of wondering how they can compete with Sony, which mostly exists at a different price point and customer base, I wonder how the can better compete at their economy price point. Why did Mad Max use an Olympus and Blackmagic cameras instead of Panasonics? It definitely wasn't because of low light noise or 6k. Panasonic customers interested in video are not going to go for headline specs, they are intelligent enough to see the camera as a whole. Given all the flame on this topic, I think Panasonic can rely on some brand loyalty also. The gh4 isn't going to be obsolete anytime soon. If the gh5 hits the right price point, doesn't estrange it's current customers and offers at least one nominal improvement over the gh4, I think it will sell just fine.
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    Nathan Gabriel reacted to John 67 in Time to step up - Panasonic GH5 must go 6K Super 35mm to compete in 2016   
    After  having read article again I still do not see any reason why Panasonic would complicate a successful product with such a proposal ...it would be folly to make such a change for what is a very niche sector (essentially a small group of people who can not afford to buy the camera that does everything they want) the capabilities that are stated are available now in much higher end cameras  and I put it to you that 90% of users of gh4 would'nt need these features ...those that would ...are likely to be in a group who would bolt on  thousands £'s worth of Cooke panchro's instead of these new lens products proposed anyway ...the gh4 is available for £900 it was not (in my humble opinion ) intended to compete in the high-end tv or cinema ,the fact that it can and does is a testament to its capability as it stands you can take almost any legacy lens or high end cinema lens and go make a film, a documentary, a wollace and grommit style animation ,anamorphic epic, 4K internal ,4K photo,journalism and the list goes on what Sony does  or does not is bollocks because it's twice the price,it's full frame glass costs more ,it does'nt have the feature set ,menus are hap hazard ,the discussion about the 6300 is irrelevant ,how is it viable to compare a brand new product with a two year old one, Panasonic 4K at that price point, changed the market...everyone reacted ,that means Panasonic are and have been leading ,only now does Sony do 4K internally( at twice the price)....even today you want to beat it you have to buy another pansonic product g7,lx100,
    the people making these proposals think nothing of then spending £1200 on a shogun,or an odyssey ,thousands on glass,gimbal's etc ,when at the heart is a£900 camera ,the fact that it's there at the heart seems to carry no credit,go buy a red dragon or an arri alexa ...build that up see what that costs (house money). All it has to do is minor improvements, the question is will they be big enough for existing users to warrant the upgrade, and there are a lot of us ...their sole motivation should be that
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    Nathan Gabriel reacted to Cas1 in Time to step up - Panasonic GH5 must go 6K Super 35mm to compete in 2016   
    From a youtuber / journalism / film making perspective I think the following features would yield the most IQ progress:
    - Global shutter,
    - 4k 60p
    - 4k 10bit 422, 200Mbit recording
    - Full sensor read out downscaled to 4k
    - NX1 level of focussing + tracking.
    - Auto iso in manual mode
    - + 1 stop in DR and iso.
    - 5x IBIS would be nice too.
    I like the idea of an oversized and/or multi aspect sensor.
    A cinema lens set would be cool too.
    Great to see so many responses here. I wonder if Panasonic employees actually read along.
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    Nathan Gabriel reacted to John 67 in Time to step up - Panasonic GH5 must go 6K Super 35mm to compete in 2016   
    Followed the forum for some time...just signed up to comment on this topic....gh4 is a great camera ...animation, time lapse(built in),slo mo,anamorphic ,high bit rate 4k cinema and 3800 , shutter angle,zebra's  log and so on...and at a price point well within everyone's reach it straddles a huge slice of the market place....it does not need to change so dramatically it just needs to get a little better ....96fps a little cleaner or perhaps 120fps ...anamorphic de-squeeze? a little here and there...from a commercial point of view they should invest money in spreading their wings a little no-one including Panasonic  have an endless pot of gold ...they should do exactly the same thing again in a different segment of the market ...a medium format camera ...why fight in a crowded sector ...the gh4 is loved as much by photographers as it is by the video crowd ...straddle a large sector again both groups would lap up a medium format camera hybrid...it would do something not done in this field bring a crowd!...this would bring the price point again to larger market...if your going to spend on new sensors then this sector is ripe ...margins would be bigger (nothing less than 5 k in this band) if they could knock 2 off that the photographers alone would bite theirs hands off...your going to invest in new glass?...here it is ....could certainly help in short term if mount was easy to convert legacy glass to..anyone for 65mm?
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