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  1. If I'm being realistic, I think a few reasonable updates would keep Panasonic in the game. Some sort of IS (even dual IS) that works well in video mode. I think the dual IS is an specially shrewd move because it forces you to use Panasonic lenses. Which, let's be honest will always be part of their plan. A version of the Dual Native ISO that's in the new Varicam. Even a dumbed down version (second ISO starting at 3200?) would address low light shooting. At least one more stop of dynamic range with VLOG. The general improvements that come with a new sensor/processor w/more MP, maybe 60p 4K, 120FPS slo mo. For me, these changes alone seem doable (most are things Panasonic has already implemented somewhere), would keep the price reasonable and would get me to upgrade. With the general size benefits and price advantage of M43 I think they'd sell tons. The only competition (in the current price range) would be the new Sony 6300. But keep in mind Panasonic has things like better codecs, flip/touch screen, more video features etc. Sony also only really focuses on their full frame stuff, so the 6300 doesn't have the great, small, fast lenses in the M43 line. So I think a few improvements would still separate it from the pack.
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