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  1. Hoping for some help, my 16-50 S lens does not allow me to go past around 30mm. There's a hard stop and no amount of force seems to move it. Any idea on how I could fix this without bringing in for service?
  2. Just keep me posted as I just lowered my ask on the FM forums and have someone who is interested.
  3. I would, but my ask would likely be $950 (grip included)
  4. Looking to move my Samsung NX1 kit. Comes with box, manuals, all accessories. I ended up selling the 50-150 lens separately so that is no longer available. I probably should have listed it last month when there was still the fake buzz about raw recording lol. Don't have a ton of posts on this board but I do a bit of buying/selling on the FM forums. Located in the US and would prefer to sell to someone here (I'll cover shipping). If not in the US I'd probably ask to have you cover the shipping fees. Ideally would like to get $1600.
  5. I did the same thing, over the course of about 13 months sold my set up and went to an A6300, then to the A6500 for IBIS and no over heating, then went to the A7Sii but couldn't deal with the awful AF so went back to A6500, just to end up going back to the NX1.
  6. Any suggestions on a good lens with a low f-stop and fairly short focal length. I run a YouTube channel and do most of my filming in a small enclosed area. I've only been using the 16-50s lens b/c I haven't found anything that's been able to surpass it (played with a Rokinon 35mm 1.4 but didn't get much out of it). I'd prefer a lens that allows for AF, so I've been eyeing the 45mm 1.8 and 85mm 1.4, but not sure those would be ideal for my limited space. Any other suggestions that might not break the bank?
  7. Looking to sell my NX1 w/16-50 S lens and battery grip as well as my Zoom H5 Package kit. Everything is like new with original boxes and accessories. For the camera package I'd like to get $1750. For the Zoom Package kit I'd like to get $300. If you want both, price drops to $1900. I'll take care of shipping within the US. Figured I'd run it by the group here before posting on Ebay. I paid around $3100 for these new a few months ago.
  8. I was really close to pulling the trigger on switching from my NX1 with 16-50mm S lens to the A7S ii, but after debating for awhile, I decided to just stick with my NX1. The big factor for me was that I've already paid for it and looking at reselling, it'd be tough to get anywhere close to what I paid (after selling fees on most sites or trade ins I'd be looking at like $1300-$1800). In order to pick up the Sony body and a decent lens, I'd likely be looking at around $4000. Even though I shoot everything in 4k, I usually downscale to 1080 since my primary audience is on YouTube and most watch from tablets/phones. I think you just really need to weigh what you're missing and ask yourself if it's worth the price of investment.
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