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  1. Thats what I thought, but I saw someone on the Kinefinity forum who used the speed booster with a mamiya 645 lens. This is cool, as I know many canon lenses cover far more than the 35mm standard sensor. I have been testing the fuji gfx and almost all my lenses cover that sensor.
  2. I am putting my ten cents worth... IMO, the Mavo LF hasn't got a competitor anywhere near its cost. Even the expensive cameras can't match many of its features! The only 4k plus full frame high iso camera are mirrorless stills cameras. Full frame is a massive feature that gives you wider lenses, more options with selective focus, larger pixels for more light gathering. The DP's I have talked to want more options, and LF gives you this, and if you want small formats, you select it in the menu, and you still have 4k. The Mavo LF appears to be competing with many high end, expensive cameras. Arris have a nice look, but what I discovered the other day when renting a Alexa mini is that iso really is low. It struggles at 1600. Skin tones are a nice starting point (but get graded anyway), but whats good skin tones when you are shooting own a location that is basically unlightable(due to the size, and the ) and we are using slow cooke anamorphics. The LF would been the better option for this shoot- even without extra stop or so the arri offers. Its even better than than the C700 with its higher iso as the Mavo LF is tiny and weighs hardly anything. We were hand holding and with the anamorphic and the mini's weight, it was a ton. I really think REDS are completely overrated, and have yet to find a piece of footage that doesn't have a odd digital look. I use to wonder if it was my imagination, but more and more colourists I talk to agree with me. All the movies that are shot with it are the sort of movies I don't really rate .The sony cameras are complicated and the colour is odd as well. The c700 - if it has the same look as the c300mk2 will have a nice colour IMO, but it is a tank. So even against the top high end cameras, I think the Mavo LF looks like a good comparison. At its reasonable cost you can own a camera (a big deal IMO to really know what its capable of), and rent a cheap backup- thats super handy for lens changes etc to save time) , and the real cost is far below renting any high end camera if you shoot a dozen times a year. Against the cheap cameras, what does full frame wide at 75fps at 6k as prores 4444xq in a form factor as small as a DSLR, with the option of PL mount, Ef mount, E-mount, An Ef and PL mount with electronic ND's, a speed booster mount (so you can even use medium format lenses on Full frame). Multiple SDI, timecode, Raw cdng, Cheap ssd media, audio inputs, 200fps in 2k, all in a package that sits on a ronin-s if needed. Nothing comes close ! Anyone comparing this camera to a BMPCC 4k is really missing what this LF Mavo camera really is and can do! I don't know enough about the look of the camera but the examples are looking good- although I haven't seen anyone that can shoot really well do anything yet. But I am almost ready to purchase one (after I have tested one thoroughly). So far its looks like theres nothing like it on the market and the closest to a perfect camera for my use thats on the market. I hope the actual footage and usage/reliability lives up to the specs. We will know soon enough. Paul
  3. I agree, I have a full set of sigma and canon lenses, and even though the sigmas out perform the canons with sharpness, distortion, CA and flare often , they really don't have any charter. My best shots are always with the canons. But the sigmas are cheap, so I have them as my go to lenses when I need the most resolution- like a composite.
  4. hi, isn't this a risk for the people funding this product- "Choose rewards or the amount to support the project and pay by credit or prepaid card. The project’s author will keep the whole of the collected amount even in the case of the total budget not being achieved by the set deadline. "Modalità keep it all “" paul
  5. thanks Lars and Andrew. that is what I am wanting to know. Andrew- you had said about 48fps 1080p on your pdf, but I didn't find about what it said about this being completely full frame. Great that it does. cheers paul
  6. I just downloaded he how to guide to try and answer some questions. I couldn't see the answers, so can some one answer a couple for me? I don't want or need 3.5k, I just want full frame 1080p. I also want to shoot 48 frames (actually, 50, if it does this as my projects tend to be 25fps). Can I shoot full frame 48/50 at 1080P? Can I get 1080p out of the hdmi without stepping, so I can record a proxy on my blackmagic video assist and have a sharp image to focus with? I need to see exactly what I'm shooting and be able to review it. cheers paul
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