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  1. He is indeed! As for the discussion re film formats, the reason you see no F65 is because the Alexa killed it off for flexibility of image/ease of use, and the Dragon killed it off for size. If you're going that big you may as well be shooting film. I remember the Alexa hitting and Sony F35 & F65 rentals tanking almost instantly. Both are great cameras, just too unwieldy. The Alexa mini has put quite a dent in Dragon rentals lately too. And the Arri 65mm winning Chivo his 3rd Oscar, AND him saying that he's found a digital solution that means he never goes back to film, means that rentals for that camera will be even stronger than the already are. I've worked 2 big budget commercials recently where they wanted to use it - we couldn't find one for favors OR money. RED are very right to chase 8k as hard as they can. :-)
  2. Don, I dare you to shoot handheld at 840mm with an A7s II. The IS compared to Olympus is very average.
  3. marklondon

    Nikon D500

    As a D810 owner with a ton of Nikon glass I was very excited at the announcement, would have solved a lot of issues for me as a hybrid shooter, but those crops are bullshit. And the 3min time limit? What year are we in? I own and shoot Sony mirrorless and the GH4, but I'd love Canon or Nikon to build me a decent 4K full-frame DSLR (that isn't a 1DC). I'll pay up to $5k. I don't need high iso either. We have other tools for that. I just want a rock-solid video and stills machine in regard to color rendition and artifacts. I have all the glass. I just need the body fellas!
  4. For these reasons: - To see the difference compared to XAVC-I. - When there hasn't been enough card space for XAVC-I. Never had the second issue. I do own a lot of cards though. And assumed it wasn't as good as the I (why would it be?) so didn't bother testing. Was I right?* :-) I understand you were exploring using a more data light solution. I just never had any reason to on an FS7 gig. Just on the codec issue generally: My GH4 4k has a TON of codec issues. Scared the crap out of me initially. Then I learnt to shoot around them. It's paid me back spectacularly. Going through the same process with my A7S II. Initially the noise frightened the hell out of me. 2 months in, I'm more sanguine about it. *just being a dick.
  5. You like the C100. Got it. Godspeed to you sir. I didn't want to like the FS5, then worked with some footage and saw what some first adopters did with it shooting doco. Was 99.9% convinced. Try it yourself. *I never shoot anything over 1000iso. I know, apparently I'm a freak :-) **At least Sony actually fix their issues? (Couldn't resist).
  6. Why would anyone with an FS7 use XAVC-L? I don't think i've ever even explored it.....:-) And we're ALL waiting for the 4K Atomos Ninja Star. I'll take 3 thanks.
  7. Ha! Welcome to the darkside. I own an FS7 and a GH4. They are my workhorses. I expect to replace both with an FS5 in 2016 for 80% of my work. I travel internationally to places where small kit is essential. Can't wait. *I also own an A7S II which has yet to earn my trust. ** the GH4 is the best DSLR since the 5D2. The only reason I haven't already bought an FS5 is in case a GH5 suddenly appears on the horizon.....
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