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  1. True that but I meant that I wanted to minimize 4K rolling shutter.
  2. To me it looks like a pipeline. Sensor Readout -> Processor -> FileSystem Each stage has its own framerate settings. I don't know how this pipeline will respond to changes to each stage. The question is can the processor keep up with faster sensor framerates. My goal would be to lessen rolling shutter.
  3. I absolutely love the look. How many steps do you add in your post to get to this result?
  4. Looks amazing. Is the Nikon AF version?
  5. Sweet, thanks. I was selecting Gamma DR but I was not drilling into it any further.
  6. I just got this camera and I am using some Nikkor lenses using adapters but I am doing everything manually. I'd like to have at least one auto lens. Which one do you guys recommend for shooting video indoors? I 'd like to get a cine-feel out of it. The 16-50 S, The 50-150 S (probably too much zoom), or the Movie Pro 18-200 (not an S lens). Any other suggestions would be welcome. Thx
  7. Under video settings on my NX I see the following: Gamma control Master Black level Luminance Level Where are all the other settings you guys speak of?
  8. Excuse me guys, new NX1 owner here. Are all these setting in the camera menus or are you discussing purely post-processing?
  9. Andrew, I just checked, running the camera indoors in Shutter priority at 1/60 for 30p completely removed the banding. I was running it in full 'M' mode before. 1/60 at 24p also great with no banding. Plus the picture looks really nice. I really appreciate your help. p.s. Once I set the shutter to 1/60 in Shutter priority, I could switch to Aperture priority or full manual and the shutter stays at 1/60. Sounds like I encountered a bug where the shutter was kind of in 'auto' mode before I set it.
  10. Trying out some Nikorr lenses (with adapters) on my brand new Samsung NX1 and I see 4-5 light/dark bands across the screen when I hit record. They are visible on the lcd and on the recorded video. While not recording, there are no bands. There are no bands in 1080p video only in the 4k modes. Any idea what's going on? Is this a defective camera? Thanks
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