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  1. I'm working on some research on the future of camera movement products. I'd really appreciate it if you could help us and take a minute or two and answer some questions about what you want in a drone, cable cam or other camera movement vehicles (this will hopefully help you get products that you want on the market). https://byu.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_73XSy1EHZxSRoYB I really consider this community to have great insight and greatly value your feedback.
  2. So how does the 120 fps on the a6300 compare with the RX10 II and RX 100 IV?
  3. That sample was not nearly as impressive as I had hoped.
  4. I did a quick test of the new optical flow feature in Premiere CC. This was a waterfall shot with the RX10 II at 240 fps and I slowed it down to mimic 480 fps. I'm pretty impressed by the results, the camera was moving and water can be a pretty difficult subject. It does help that this was already shot at a high frame rate. I'll have to see how it can do with 60fps to 120 fps next. https://youtu.be/9vnMU2AG0Xw
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