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  1. I would be happy if they would extend battery life and recording time. I had the IV and it was a great pocket cam, but I'd rather carry a bigger body around with one battery than a pocket camera and five batteries. I agree with @Brian Williams that used is the way to go since competitive pricing is lacking innovation as well.
  2. Kudos to fixing Sony's color science by only reviewing the camera and not shooting with it! ?
  3. I couldn't say the last time I visited Cinema 5D. EOSHD and the community here gave me the courage to finally branch out from Canon to Blackmagic and Sony. One of the things I've always appreciated is how Andrew not only doesn't pulls any punches in his reviews, but backs up his conclusions with accurate information. Probably why I haven't been to C5D in awhile.
  4. This rumor seems believable to me. What I am curious to see is how Samsung technology would fit into Nikon's model of what they offer for cameras. Do they come out with a mirrorless camera to compete with Sony and Panasonic, or improve their DSLR line to make Canon's consumer/prosumer offerings even more embarrassing?
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