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  1. So Caleb is comparing f2 to f5.6 lens ? ?
  2. Canon the leader of the industry
  3. I don't like the picture out of Kinefinity, didn't like it from the first test clip I saw years ago. I though they would change that but it is the same, too blue in some shots and too green/yellow in others, skintones are not natural, everything looks cheap and that camera is not that cheap. If you don't need faster slowmo than 4k/60p, C200 is much much better and versatile camera today..
  4. guru

    1DC Discontinued

    It is just one example to show why Canon is the king, and why every other company has to have great specs on paper to sell something, there are too many spec whores out there
  5. Glad you're back. I realized this the same day I got my A7s II, and sold it couple of months later after hardcore wrestling with the camera and it's image. And than that hyperproduction chinese style just confirmed my decision. Now I'm on C100 mark II and enjoying every shot with it...
  6. Is it possible to make a picture profile for A7x to look like Canon ? Or we have to wait for 5DmkIV 4k ML RAW
  7. Strangely I don't have the sunspot problem. Shooting with A7sII from launch day, a bunch of straight into the sun or blown spotlight shots and everything is normal. Also, don't have any problems with the adapter, using Commlite with a bunch of Canon L glass. My main two problems with A7sII are the ergonomics and colors (comparing to 5D3 RAW).
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