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  1. Wooopsy!! It was You Tito? Can't believe it! Was so disgusted I did not took the time to look who the seller was Sorry then. Just asking though if I may, does your version reach infinity? I mean bellow f22 'cause for the same price H16 + Rangefinder sure do. I don't want to put Bold into this... but as he said his Optimisation of the B&H is not perfect... He pointed me the fact that he didn't believe that using the B&H's glass would achieve the goals he thought I was aiming at. I totally get that Bold doesn't want his project to be associated with an attempt to go in competition with some existing patented products. Point taken, no hard feelings there, though it's a misunderstanding... I should have been clearer. Also Tito, I owe You so much for all the Major Work you've done seeking and sharing the info on Anamorphics! Really! Thanks!! I'm sorry I never donated to you and those like you do doing the Job for others. From now on I sure will! I understand it's a lot of time and effort there that should be retributed! But I mean... 1000CAD... I got my copy of the B&H for 80€ at a professional 16 & 8mm movies and hardware shop... the helicoid is 50€... And pro bono if I follow Bold's tutorial I'll spent a nice w-end having fun building something
  2. Hi. Thanks for your answer and having taken the time to develop on your specific goals, and by so making your previous answer more clear to me. Sorry, I've cut my post to the minimum... just saw your concept exploited by another at an indecent price on ebay... no comments. Cheers
  3. OK... don't take it wrong... so why not just getting rid of the B&H module and pair its anamorphot with a proper $F Module? if not for experimenting? B&H16 wasn't designed at all for filming purposes either as none of the anamorphic projection lenses were... If I'm not mistaken Alex Diehr modded a Rectimascop 64 (or 80?) and a Moller 63 with the glasses from the SF module of a Panatar (based on the same plano concave/convex optic design than the B&H). Seb Farges uses the SLR Rangefinder on the Baby Hypergonar. I've tried it myself both on the Baby H and the Sankyoscope. Right now I'm not happy w the Baby's results, but I get a sharp 1 meter to infinity at f1.8 with the Sankyoscope... no streak flares, but real organic textures, ovals and waterfall bokehs From a lens that shouldn't deliver better than 2 meters close focus at f4.0/5.6. Just saying if the B&H formula is not ideal, it's 46mm diameter glass is a start to go on with the idea of a Micro SF Module. No? I wish I had better knowledge in simple Maths, Optics and Mechanics to produce a better formula. Just thought I could share the idea here... and maybe get some feedback from others experimenting Anyhow, Many Thanks again for sharing your work with that "Open Source" Spirit. You can be sure if I succeed I'll follow your example ont that matter. Best!
  4. Many Thanks for your answer and for the Inspiration Even if I'm more into 8mm Anamorphots...you can easily imagine how important is all the info you're sharing here! Actually I'm doing some tests with the original B&H single focus module attached to a Sankyoscope. I have to say first tests are a bit disappointing... compared to the results I obtained with just taping the B&H inner diopter to the Sankyoscope and push/pulling focus, and all the misalignment induced. It's lightyears away from the results of the (bulky) Rangefinder Imp + Sankyoscope or Baby Hypergonar combo! But I'm kind of obstinate so I will sure try to adapt your mod with the M58 helicoid and if it works I will share the results and details Cheers!
  5. Hi! Sorry for digging up the topic after a year... I'd love to try this mod but I'm in a dilemma at the time of buying the M58 helicoid... what's the version you've used? The 17-31mm or a 25-55mm? Many Thanks in advance for your Help
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