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  1. Isnt that great? I hate bikes! They are dangerous and were not made to stand. They were made to throw you to the ground. Isnt the world becoming a better place? BTW, can you call a 4 wheeled vehicle a motorcycle? Isnt that a car with a non-sense short axis??
  2. I dont know whats the reason to get angry with those videos... or do I? (fanboy..cough!) Those videos are very entertaining and curious! I own lots of cameras, including some very expensive ones. I have shot videos with amazing cameras like the Alexa. BUT!!!! Buuuuuut!!! Do I get amazed by the video quality of my cellphone?? Yes I do!! Will I be selling all of my cameras because of that?? Noo!! Stop being haters!! Video technology is getting exciting these days! Will you go out with your DSLR in your pocket? I dont think so!! Its one more tool for us. Again: STOP BEING A HATER!! Could you imagine, 10 years ago, having that kind of IQ in YOUR POCKET??
  3. Here is a 4k footage from the new iPhone. It looks REALLY good, specially if you consider that it was shot by a vlogger. Colors looks great, dynamic range also very good.. Looks promising! Iphone 6S vs Sony A7s
  4. Am I the only one who thinks that those high frame rates are useless?? The bitrate is so low... The videos always look like a crappy 360p video, full of artifacts!
  5. Lets not forget that the current iPhone 6 is already capable of 4k at 100Mbps if you install apps like MoviePro, FlimicPro etc..
  6. Here you can see the s6 using the flat profile against the stock note 3 camera and the sony ax100 camcorder When you expose for the highlights you can recover a lot of shadow info Its not actually a flat profile.. is more like a natural profile, with a decent dynamic range. You can get good shots if you expose correctly
  7. Making the Flat profile work on every single phone must be hard, since they use different sensors.
  8. nokker, great work! Im doing what I can to let people know about your app! You deserve it! That is a great forum to discuss it. Its one of the best places for video enthusiasts. One question: what is the difference between the noise reduction options? Specially the normal vs the high quality Another one: do you think that is possible to implement some RAW burst shots to create small videos? In 1080p or higher resolutions I dont know. I remember that my old Nikon V1 could take 30fps RAW pictures for like 2 seconds. It was nice for some creative videos. Im pretty sure that the hardware from the S6 is capable of that, but I dont know if there are software limitations. One suggestion: I get the best results when I expose for the highlights and then I recover the shadows in post. The new Premiere Pro CC 2015 is perfect for that. I can recover A LOT of shadow details when shooting at 200Mbps. I had another app that had a real time histogram. Its a great tool since the phone screen has a lot of contrast and tends to blow out some highlights when they are actually not blown out. If possible, it would be a great feature!
  9. Nice!! Are you the dev of this app? I think you can get a great feedback here!! We would love to help projects like that!
  10. Lift-Up

    Guess the camera

    Its an amazing frame grab! The original must be good enough to be used as a picture, im sure. Its funny to see the "specialists" thinking that the banding in the bokeh areas are from the original video. Not even a cheap cellphone creates that much artifacts. But hey, thats the internet. People can only see the bad things! I would love to see some videos shot by those guys. I bet that they are perfect. To the OP - Thats a beatiful looking image. The bokeh is also very smooth. Make sure to post a video next time. I bet it looks nice too!
  11. Nope, and it probably wont have that. That app is aimed at camera enthusiasts. For those who want the best possible image quality, grading possibilites etc. There is no point on shooting at high bitrates for a low bitrate streaming. There are lots of good apps for streaming to youtube though. Video apps with real time HDR video should give you great results. ------------------------------------ BTW. Android users that have updated their phones to the latest 5.1.1 firmware can now shoot RAW DNG pictures. Some apps already have burst shot in RAW mode. Im sending some e-mails to see if I can encourage the devs to introduce at least 1080p RAW video or a 30fps burst shot mode for a few seconds. Those phones are very powerfull and the hardware is far more advanced than most camcorders and DSLRs.. Im pretty sure its possible, but the problem is that the average smartphone user will never use that (video camera developers are giving up due to the lack of feedback). They are more interested on those nasty camera filters for instagram
  12. I'll try to shoot some interesting stuff too. Im almost done testing its features. Im getting the best results exposing for the highlights and then bringing back shadow information. I have tested another app. Its called Cinema FV-5. Its also nice, but Cinema 4k gives me much better results. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now the colour test Zooming at both videos the difference is pretty clear. Although both videos are 8-bit, the 50Mbps looks more like it. The tiny amount of data for 4k content introduces banding, blocking and bleeding, creating an image with poor gradations on luminance levels and color tones/hues/shades etc..
  13. For those interested on differences between bitrates. Not only for this camera, but for pretty much every other one, thats whats hidden on your footage. Sometimes you cant see those blocks clearly, but they are there, ruining your images in the shadows, saturated areas, highly detailed shots (like shooting leaves and grass) and when you are panning. 50Mbps (200% zoom) 100Mbps (200% zoom) 200Mbps (200% zoom) More bitrates transforms those compression artifacts into detail and fine noise. 50Mbps (400% zoom) 100Mbps (400% zoom) 200Mbps (400% zoom)
  14. GRADING STRESS TEST IN 4K The objective here was not to get a pretty look, but to push the codec. - The highlights were brought 80% down to search for banding, specially in the blue sky. - The shadows were pushed up to 40% to seach for macro blocking. - 5% of vibrance - Contrast at negative 5% (good to show limitations of 8-bit videos. It shows lack of gradation) - Unsharp mask at 1.5 Conclusion: It holds up pretty well! For those looking for a filmic look, you will be able to intercut your phone with your main camera easily! Special points for the color reproduction. Pretty spot on!
  15. Sorry to hear that! I wonder if its only optimized for the Galaxy S6 or maybe only to the latest flagships, like the LG G4 and the OnePlus2. Anyway, here is a Dynamic Range comparison between my old Galaxy Note 3 using the stock camera at 50Mbps, my sisters Sony AX100 at 100Mbps and the Galaxy S6 using this app. I had to edit the video via youtube so the resolution was decreased to 1080p. What I saw: Galaxy Note 3 - Decent video for a cellphone - Image looks cheap. Too much saturation, contrast, cheap colors - Bad dynamic range, mainly due to the picture profile - Too much sharpening. Ugly haloes on fine detail. Digital look - Too much artifacts. Bending on saturated areas and too much macro blocking on dark areas Sony AX100 - Nice detail - Handles artifacts well. Clean image. A little bit of bending - HORRIBLE white ballance. Every single image has a purple casting. (At least in auto mode) - There is too much noise reduction for my taste. There is no texture on the image. When you zoom in, it looks like plastic. - The dynamic range of the camera is not bad, but in auto mode, it tends to blow out 5-10% of the image all the time Galaxy S6 modded - Great level of detal. MUCH more than the stock camera. On par with dedicated cameras. - No artificial sharpening. The detail is there, but there are no haloes. The image looks very organic, but not as soft as a canon XC10. Its better ballanced than most dedicated cameras that I have tested. - The dynamic range is improved by a lot. The scene has a lot of contrast and the result is pretty pleasing. - There is only a little bit of noise reduction. You can see some really fine noise all over the image. It doesnt look like nasty noise. It looks a lot like fine film grain, and I love it. It increases the details, textures, and make the image look less digital. - The colors look more natural. Good auto white ballance.
  16. MUCH LESS compression artifacts. At 200Mbps you eliminate a good part of the nasty macro blocks. There is basically fine noise, wich is not bad at 4k.
  17. Hello! We cant carry our NX1s, GH4s and A7s with us all the time. For those who want a good 4k camera that you can carry all the time, thats the best solution that I have found. The best Android phones shoot 4k with a bitrate of aprox 48Mbps. They are not bad, but they have too much compression artifacts, contrast, saturation etc. A few days ago I found an amazing app, and I would like to share it with everyone. I have no bonds with the app developer, but im afraid he will give up his project if there is not enough support. Im pretty sure he can make things even better. What we have now with the app is: - Flat picture profile (It recovers a good amount of highlights and a little bit of shadows) - Better noise reduction (more like film grain. The stock one is very blocky) - 24 fps - 30 fps - 200Mbps!!! Thats the best part! Much better video quality. Less macro blocking, less banding etc, so you can recover more detail, grade the videos with the less problems etc. Frame grab from the Samsung Galaxy S6 stock camera - 4k at 50Mbps Frame grab from the Samsung Galaxy S6 using the app at 200 Mbps There is a lot of room for improvements, like more manual control, more control over the picture profile etc. But I do think that, at the moment, thats the best 4k camera that you can carry around all the time! Lets support the guy, so he can make it even better! The name of the app is CINEMA 4K, and its available for free at the play store! Make sure to update your phone to 5.1.1!!!
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