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  1. 5Dsr (converted in about 30 mins so you'd have to download it now, 153MB): https://vimeo.com/136023032 GH3 one really just plucked at semi-random (I just looked in two GH3 dirs with 50 moire/aliasing test videos between them, I have more dirs): https://vimeo.com/136023791 Note I'm not a Plus/Pro member so will also show at 720p, hence you'll need to download it (115MB). The GH4 looks a lot like the GH3. Except in 4k which is nice. These weren't really intended for public consumption or I'd have done them a lot better (although the quality would probably still drop off after the first 20 or so...). Looking at them there is so much that would make the 5Dsr one a better test, but looking at the other two videos I shot as well it still walks all over the GHx cameras in this single area. This was just the handiest one to upload.
  2. Okay, but I'll have to hunt around a bit to get comparable footage, I've literally got dozens and dozens of GH3 and GH4 test shots taken there with different settings. Might be a day or three (I seem to have a busy week). (Edit) Okay, I speeded it up, see below, but they are really not suitable to be seen by anyone else.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but I just ran my 5Dsr through my favourite video Moire/Aliasing horror test and it completely rocked it. Both my GH3 and GH4 do appallingly at FHD (presumably due to skipping about a third of the pixels) and only the GH4 does well at it when in 4k mode. I haven't done a rolling shutter test yet, but if it really reads the whole 16:9 crop of the 50MP sensor (8688x4888 = 42.5MP) to make the video I imagine it won't be great (buy hey, bolt on a faster CPU, add a small crop and you have 8k, hmmm). I don't think there is enough control to make it a decent video camera (I certainly didn't buy it for that, I have a particular use for a hi-res stills camera), but right now I'd dispute any moire/aliasing assertions. (If anyone is in London one of my tests, although I have a few, is shooting through Tower Bridge from upstream on the South Bank with Canary Wharf about in the centre of the Bridge. The Windows in the building closest to the water on the left and the sky-scrapers are the interesting bits. I usually frame to have a 1+ to 2 Tower's widths either side of the Towers.)
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