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  1. Just to wade into the 4 min recording limit debate.

    I bought my RX10II off UK ebay from a Hong Kong seller and saved a lot. I checked the 4 minute recording issue and it's a NON-ISSUE for my model of camera. Not sure where it was sourced from, but I let it run at 4K for 14 or so minutes to make sure. Even if there was a limit, I don't think it would be an issue. You very rarely need to record consistently for longer than a minute or two unless you're filming a wedding or concert, and this is not the camera for that!

  2. Now its back the the drawing board: RX10ii in UK for £1200 vs GH4 and mid range lens for around £1500.

    Matt. I bought my RX10ii in the UK for a lot less off eBay - £869 to be exact. I didn't pay any import duties on it either - maybe I was just lucky. I know I won't have a warranty for it locally in the UK, but I'm willing to take the chance for that kind of saving. The eBay seller gives a year's warranty and their service was good. I've just checked to see if they had any more, but it seems they're sold out at the moment.  I was thinking about buying one off B&H, but they won't ship to the UK due to restrictions from Sony. I found it ridiculous that they want to charge £1200 for a $1200 camera? Just doesn't make sense - like Apple prices. At the price point of £1200, I think I would of rather bought a body-only A7s which you can now pick up for around £1300. (Then the extra cost of lenses and Meta bones etc makes it expensive!)

  3. Hey all.

    Been a lurker here for many years already and finally registered - mainly because of this little camera. I've been shooting with DSLR's since the beginning of 5Dmkii days (and started shooting with the venerable Sony VX1000 DV camera many years ago!), but have shot on every camera out there from BMPC to RED Dragon / Alexa. I wanted something small, light and non-obtrusive and the RX10 ii seemed to fit it all.

    Mine arrived on Friday afternoon and I went out yesterday and filmed some random images - mainly to test the ability of the camera (the narrative is piss poor!) So I focused on DOF, Latitude, variable frame rates as well as looking for moire and other artefacting.

    Here it is: https://vimeo.com/135201792

    Everything you need to know is in the description of the video.

    Overall, I'm incredibly impressed with the quality of the footage coming out of it and my only gripe is the built-in kit lens which feels a little toy like. The images it makes are great, but I keep wondering how long that servo motor will hold out...time will tell.

    Any questions, ask away.


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