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  1. Yeh there is the thing though. Canon cant even get a 1" full HD down to the size of the Sony RX100.. The RX10 is able to record 4K for 1/2 hour and restricted due to tax laws not heat. A full frame 5D is way larger, but you cant get 4K in there without it burning up? Retina screens are getting more popular. Being able to take stills from 4K footage at 25fps is amazing. Nikon today pretty much just do the lenses and the camera body. Their sensors are Sony's and the processors are modified Fuji ones. The same is now happening to Canon. They cant keep up with Sony power. Sony is 40% of the global sensor market. Soon as Sony have the AF cracked and flash assist AF sorted I sadly think its going to be game over for Canikon. I sold all my canon gear to get the Sony A7S. The size is awesome, the zeiss lenses are perfect. For me now canon is like an old girlfriend you remember fondly but wont ever go back to.
  2. dare to dream i bought something else.... high dynamic range, iso, 4k video maybe?
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