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  1. Thank you. The zoom speed is changeable fast and slow, and with pressure sensitivity. I am currently somewhere of the coast in Denmark. Just did some amazing golden hour shots (during sun down) and am really impressed with the dynamic range of this camera. I am currently here on holidays, and Internet is really shit so no chance on uploading anything at all :/ I'm sure Andrew will have your yaws dropping really soon.
  2. Just got this camera and so far i am in love! did some filming of a police helicopter searching in the park close by here in Oslo, Norway. And the camera handles motion perfect! almost no rolling shutter! insanely good Here is a 4K video i shot on Auto downscaled to full hd : https://vimeo.com/133804417 - There was not much time to grab a tripod or anything, so this pretty much all handheld on auto, and no grading.
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