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  1. I agree with this, and I don't understand the heated discussions around this camera. A G100 will probably replace my dying GM5 for when I need a compact camera for video and stills. The GM5 was more expensive than the G100 is, and smaller, but: - The G100 has a much better viewfinder, much better fully articulated LCD, it offers mic input and a better sound system alltogether, better image quality, much better video quality and as opposed to the GM5 it actually has some kind of image stabilisation for video (EIS). - Compared to the GX9, image and video is probably more or less the same, the GX9 offers IBIS but has a mediocre viewfinder and LCD, the last one only flipping up and down, and no mic input. The problem with this camera is the marketing. If they had marketed it as a compact camera with an optional vlogging accessory, the response would probably have been much better. No other camera at this size and price offers a better viewfinder/LCD combo, and for many , that is very important. On a camera this size, the viewfinder and the shutter release are mostly what I need. As for other brands, except Olympus, they won't mount my MFT lenses. As for the price, cameras aren't necessarily cheap because they are small. The Pen-F is a good example.
  2. ​Confirmed from Metabones: Their website is correct. GH1/2 not compatible with this Speedbooster.
  3. You mention that the Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x isn't compatible with the GH2. Since I have a couple of old cameras around that might be useful as backup, I wrote a mail to Metabones and asked about that. The answer I received was this: "Dear Jorgen, Good morning! Both the Panasonic GH1 & GH2 are compatible with the Speed Booster XlL 0.64x. Regards Elsie GBI Ltd"
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