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  1. Hi Tito, yes I've lived in Vancouver for around 9 months now. It's a great city for shooting- a good mix of urban city and epic outdoors.
  2. Hi Ken, I'm glad you mentioned this. Having a little trouble making head or tails of how to unsqueeze correctly in Premiere Pro. My current settings are: Frame size- horizontal: 2554 vertical: 1080 Pixel aspect ratio: 1.333 24fps. If you had any advice on unsqueezing this correctly it would be much appreciated.
  3. An evening wandering the streets of downtown Vancouver, BC, testing out the low-light restrictions when using an anamorphic lens on the GH4. Camera: Panasonic GH4 Anamorphic: SLR Magic 1.33x -50 Lens: Canon FD 35mm f2 SSC with Metabones Speedbooster Style: CineV Colour: FilmConvert Music: '(Aftermath)', Vancouver Sleep Clinic vscsounds.com/
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