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  1. Noob question here. If I grabbed a still frame from the 6fps 5K 24p raw video you talked about, would Adobe Camera Raw be able to work with that still like I do with my current stills .raw files?
  2. As someone who tries mighty hard to keep butterflies in focus, I have to say that fast AF tracking sure is damned tempting on this new Sony cam.
  3. Andrew, thanks for the heads-up. Sony has been very busy as of late. I'm a very amateur GH-4 user with a couple of lenses for birds and insects. What would, in your opinion, a GH-5 have to have to at least meet these new Sony specs and the $1000 price tag. It's going to be a challenge for Pana but I don't want to bale on them until I at least see what the GH-5 has. Thoughts?
  4. Noob question here on the technology as I'm confused. Will these 2018 consumer Panasonic 8K cameras be using a micro 4/3 sized sensor? Doesn't it have to be bigger than that? Help me understand. Thanks.
  5. First time newbie poster here with a real rookie question. If I put a 100-500mm AF Sigma(or does it have to be Canon?)lens onto my GH4 by using this new Kipon AF MFT adapter will it be 500mm or is it the 35mm equivalent of 1000mm? Thanks.
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