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  1. I'm not an expert in LOG, but I would like to mention that with my G7 cams ETTR+CineD works fine for me in my studio, but I get weird and even unusable results under bright spotlights (like theatre or concert lighting). I've had blown highlights with weird colors even with zero zebras on screen. And using multiple cams I get the same weird results sometimes. So it could be that there is a condition in which ETTR is fooled by the camera somehow, depending on both the lights and the subject material. However, in the studio under controlled lighting I get a bit more DR with ETTR (tested with Leeming LUT and my own LUTS). At least you were smart enough to reset it, I just happily filmed away........
  2. Right--but I need the Custom Dial to use CineD on the GX85, or is there a better way?
  3. Going to try this out today. Thanks for all the work! A question: I had a bad experience with my G7 using CineD where the camera went into sleep mode or maybe was turned off while I was on C1 or C2, etc. When it woke up, some of the WB balance settings had changed and we shot a whole sequence in orange, basically. Does anyone know under what conditions this happens and how to avoid it? Is it the same for the GX85 when using this hack? Tx.
  4. Only thing interesting about this photo is ppl can't decide if it is real or not
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