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    The attached PDF file contains some of the data I've measured and collected for various lenses.  EFL is the paraxial focal length, EXPP is the exit pupil distance measured from the image plane in air (positive value means pupil is towards the object from the image), ENPP is the entrance pupil distance measured from the first glass surface (positive value means the entrance pupil is towards the image plane from the first surface), and BFL is the distance from the rear glass surface to the image plane measured in air.  All measurements are in millimeters.LensData.pdfLensData.pdf
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    Skin tones under orange lighting.  Too much red!
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    I was onsite for NoFilmSchool and actually talked to the SoundDevices guy about this specifically!  I asked him whether he felt threatened by the development of a sub1k 4k monitor-recorder, since they have the Pix-E series, which I own.  He says no, because he was wondering about the feasability of Prores 4K being recorded to SD cards reliably.  Also, the PIX-E is fully kitted out with scopes et al and is super rugged.
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