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  1. I agree that it is a total bust from a camera point, and I think Panasonic would have been wise to give a solid preview as they did for the GH5 and steal the march on everyone else. I doubt the new camera is going to take business away from GH5 customers, and may in fact strengthen the cameras sales with the new A camera and a the GH5 as a smaller B cam. The additions to Resolve look good though and bring it a step closer to being a one stop shop for smaller producers. However I think we might need to assume the pocket 2 is never coming.
  2. No it stays active on mine even when I turn the camera off and remove the battery, it only goes if I change the picture style. I'm currently not connected to the app and the camera is remembering the last picture style used.
  3. This is less a hack, and more of a massive oversight by panasonic. From a couple of posts, with no method I was able to get it working in 30s. I'm torn whether it is stealing or not. I legally updated the firmware and used a panasonic app in the way it was intended, I didn't have to change any code, or use a difficult workround. As a broke student I am able to use it until I have the funds to pay for it.
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