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  1. Surely great initial pricing. But it's just the modular base core. Don't fool yourself that's it then, you're going to want the modules like the viewfinder and the shoulder/tripod kit that they show it with and so on. So you're not quite there for that one price yet.

    ​Well said.  I'm personally still very excited about The URSA Mini, but the 5k price isn't the real cost of owning.  For a cheap-as-possible solution I figure:

    Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K - Real Cost of Owning:
     - $ 4995 - 4.6K body
     - $ 1200 - Media/CFast 2.0 Card(s)  = (Roughly 2 hours of Record Time?)
     - $     95 - BM V-Vount Adapter
     - $   500 - Cheap V-mount Batteries (2) and Charger


    So, without glass and "non-essentials' like a top handle/plate/support, your still looking around $7000 to get into this cam as a functional unit.

  2. I am sure Canon being in the CFast 2.0 game will help bring prices down.

    Haha just kidding.

    Ha! I trust your alluding to their pitiful XC10. I can't see that camera being purchased, at all actually, let alone in numbers that would positively effect a broad market adoption of CFast 2.0. We can hope though, right?

  3. If BM is serious about sticking with the CFast game, as it seems they are, perhaps they'll make a move into the media arena, alá Atomos, and help bring those CFast prices down. As it stands a wallet of CFast 2.0 cards is a pricey investment for someone buying a $3000 camera, and could eclipse the price of the cam at current prices. Just a thought.

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