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  1. Oh Also, I wanted to say I feel sort of honoured to see all the greats helping out on my little post. Special shout outs to Andrew and Ebrahim. You've both helped out countless people, I'm not sure if you get thanked enough. So thank you
  2. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to thank you all for your thoughts and insights, and for taking the time to help me out. I think I managed to figure out something pretty good. The store is going to loan me an A7s for the job, on condition that I buy the 1DC when I get back. They were also able to knock 10% off the price, so I've got the low light / small files for this project, and a better image / more rugged camera for when I get back. (I normally have access to the a7s, too) so it all worked out pretty nicely. Thanks again, wish me luck. I'll let you know how I get on if I remember : )
  3. I'll be shooting in California. Not expecting much bad weather but you never know. Thanks for the advice Bror, weather sealing is definitely a positive, especially so far from home
  4. Hello Everyone, I've read these forums for a long time and learnt a whole lot. I'm in a bit of a tricky situation and would appreciate any advice or insight. As the subject suggests, tomorrrow I'm going to buy one of these cameras. SO... On Thursday I'll leave to shoot a job in another country for a month. I'll be shooting a music video and maybe some documentary / editorial stuff about a band. 4k is not important on this job (or any of my work, unless it's to downsample into good 1080p) but low-light capability is. The images on this job will be heavily processed / messed with, so good colour is not a priority, but for other future projects of course it would be. I'd been planning to take along an a7s that I have access to but will not be able to as it has to be used on another project. Maybe it's important to bear in mind I usually have access to an A7s (mk 1), shogun and great battery rig that powers it for 8 hours of shooting. I'm quite happy with it (except for the sony / s-log colour story, which I find infuriating, and which no LUTS have been able to help me out of). I have EF mount glass and a metabones smart adapter. NOW.. I can buy a used 1DC from my local store for £3200 / $4675 (equivalent), or an A7s II for £2068 / $2998 (=) The cost isn't my main concern. My business can afford the expense in either case, and I feel like the price is right. I'm more worried about making sure I don't buy the wrong thing. I bought a GH4 a year ago based on online buzz (was living somewhere remote, couldn't try it out) and found it's low light abilities. DR and color very disappointing. My question, for people with experience of both cameras is - IF you had to choose between an A7s II and a 1DC, and you had to choose tomorrow, which would you go for? AND some bonus questions.. Does anyone feel that a 5d mk4 with 4k, C-LOG and Dual Pixel AF in March is a strong possibility? If yes, I may try and make a deal with the store, AND has anyone found a bulletproof s-log colour workflow which is semi quick and gives great results / no color casts / healthy skintones. Advice from your own experience of working with either system (ideally, with both systems) is very much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hey Jonesy, I got the 18-35 a few weeks back. It is an incredible lens. It feels like a stack of primes, rather than a zoom (if that makes any sense), but I do find myself wanting a bit more on the tight side. You haven't said what you're shooting on (full frame / cropped) but for me, I haven't found the lens to be the be all and end all, master replacement lens I was hoping for. I would probably hang on to one of the long leicas and pair it with the sigma. Just my 2c
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