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  1. So there is the Movi M10 kit for sale in my city for $2500 its a kick ass deal, but I'm wondering if it worth buying now that the Pro has come out. I know the Pro is significantly more at $6500 but it supposedly has worked all the kinks and glitches that Movis have been known to have. Can anyone atest to how much better the Pro is to the M10 and some advice?
  2. So i just uploaded my H.265 video file straight off my nx1 onto facebook as an experiment and it worked just fine. Also if you were unaware you can play your video files on the newest version of VLC player, and i just shot over 3 hours of footage at 1080p 30 and it only used 11gigs on my card. So if your wondering if you need 256 gig cards, I would imagine you wouldn't, even for 4k. save your money. and since I've got all the Nx1 users whats the best settings to get more usable footage straight out of camera. I found the blacks got crushed on normal gamma and this is how it looks using another gamma DR on an EOS hd users suggestion. Sometimes I am a second shooter and I want to just offload it to them.Thanks and your welcome I guess. Loving this NX1. ps. I know the footage doesnt look very good
  3. I'm having trouble transcoding 1080p H265 files from my NX1, is there something I'm missing. I just bought the damn software. It wont even let me view the video and when it transcodes it shoots out a green screen with audio only.
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