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  1. ​thanks for removing all doubts. EOS HD is run by a man obsessed and dismayed by a changing worldview, who series rising social status as a zero-sum game thus seeking out others to blame for his own loss of stature, who is afraid of the other, who wishes for a time when "men could be men" and conveniently omits that those times were marked by severe inequality and social acceptance of "casual" racism/classism/sexism/whatever. so you're a lad, in other words. go for a nice long drive in your Audi and shout "cunt" at pedestrians. then come back when you're ready to talk about cameras and film technique.
  2. Andrew, I don't really get this issue and all this talk about nanny states and mollycoddling and self-emasculation and the triumph of cowardice over creativity. yes, you're coming around to the fact that what Clarkson did was unacceptable, but you still seem to think that Clarkson was singled out for something since Clooney or whoever is still working. why do you think Clarkson is being singled out? with all the ranting, it comes off as slightly unhinged Fox News-esque raging at Political Correctness, which in its essence amounts to "think before you speak". there is no "dogmatic liberal elite" coming for the rights of white men over the age of 30 to say what they want about blacks, women, the French, and automobiles. your concern for the crew seems disingenuous since your biggest bone is approximately "why can't we make the jokes my grandfather used to make?"
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