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  1. Hello. To put it simple - this is a wonderfull toy. In the right hands it will be much more than a toy. This is a modified, vintage manual Helios44M-4 58mm F2.0 lens. Anamorphic flare immitation created, flares inhanced, contrast lowered, amber tint added to flare. Aperture de-clicked. For full description please follow the link to eBay. Buying directly, paying with paypal - take 15% off the eBay price, which will be 140 USD + Shipping. Adapters are optional. I ship worldwide with very few exceptions, for the actual USPS cost for registered airmail. Regards! htt
  2. Hello. Up for sale a custom modified vintage Japanese Yashica Yashinon-DS 50mm F1.7 in M42 "pentax screw mount." The M42 mount adapts easily to Canon and all mirrorless systems via inexpensive adapters. Flare was enhanced, semitransparent ND element addedtocreate the "Anamorphic Boke" whilekeeping the original aperture intact as well. Aperture declicked and rubber gear added instead of original focus rubber. For full description please follow the link to eBay. Buying directly, paying with paypal - take 15% off the eBay price, which will be 149 USD + Shipping. Adapters are op
  3. Hello. I've made a few special effect lenses lately for myself and friends, and recently decided to try and sell a few. What I have now is 35mm 2.8 with interesting blur and boke effect, and 58mm 2.0 enhanced flares with anamorphic flare imitation. They are M42 mount, so can be put on Canon or any mirrorless camera. If anyone's interesting please send me a message or reply here. I can sell through Etsy, eBay or directly, ships anywhere.Thank you.
  4. ‚ÄčThere are different Yashica's, DS, DX, DSM, ML....and more. I have both 1.7 and 1.4, I think both are DS.....Perhaps I can put two shots for you tomorrow to compare....As for recommendations - I really like the Olympus OM 1.8 and 1.4 and I think the Pentacon Auto/Electric 50 1.8 of later versions are very good - and very comfortable to work with. I have all three of those too, he he. I had the aperture rings converted to step-less and it's a pleasure. Also - the pentacon focuses at about 0.3m, unlike the standard 0.45
  5. I am playing around with vintage glass I have and building different effects, something in the style of DSO, plus my own ideas - this is three samples from a modified Helios 44M with built in imitation of the anamorphic flare. Everything depends of course of the light source, making the flare aggressive, or just present.... but the results are ok I think. As for the oval aperture bo-ke - I don't really like it, prefer the round one. However, I think there is a way to make a normal variable oval aperture, it's tricky but not impossible....
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