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  1. I thought I would check back on this 'discussion' again. It has helped me understand better why this website is so underwhelming to me. I say that as someone who has used this site for years as (one more) reference for filmmaking. The rot started to form a while back - before this Clarkson nonsense - when I read a post about the LX100. An amazing little camera I felt. But it got sneered on - initially. Soon after there was a 'rethink' - suddenly it was a super piece of kit etc etc Later after getting flamed by SleepyWill and some other old timers, I started to mentally list why this website constantly disappoints. By that I mean I spend my valuable time occasionally checking in, see nothing much, so check out again...nothing compelling here (for me) basically. So here are my gripes: 1. The website is named after one proprietary camera system. In business terms, this is silly. Its like the kid who starts TripodsRUs - only to advertise a year later that he will also sell you a Slider, or a Monopod or whatever. It illustrates a lack of vision. A simplistic outlook. Of course it also ostracises Nikon or Sony folks, at least subconsciously, which seems unnecessary if its meant to be about filmmaking (which it isn't) 2. The website talks largely about Consumer Purchasing Decisions. It might be better named CreditCardCameraConsiderations.com or maybe BokkehSupermarket.com or perhaps EndlessUpgrade.com 3. The Clarkson chatter shocked me (and others here too it seems). Its almost fantastical that 'filmmakers' would defend this JC stuff. Apologies to those with me on this, but to those who are gushing forth with the latest skinny on poor JC and his downtrodden crew ...really? Is this news? for a filmmaking site? Regardless of whether people like the crap or not its EXTREMELy telling that by the end of this week it could be the most discussed topic - ever - on this site... 4. There is damn all abstract, challenging, artistic, genuinely creative discussion initiated by Andrew Reid. As editor/writer, I would've thought thats a failing, if others agree. Some do I know, as Ive read their posts of frustration ("What About Storytelling", etc) - 5. The reason JC+Crew gets s much focus, and Machinery From Canon et al gets focus, is perhaps because this is an Industrial News Site. Not A Creative Filmmaking Site. Its for people who are in 'the business', 'the trade' (or want to be) and therefore it seeks to Defend Jobs At All Costs. Well screw that. No filmmaker I know has a real job, whether they're swanning around Cannes or Berlin or not. They are constantly fighting broadcasters, distributors, unions, investors, bosses and banks to get their sh1t made. Now if this is a site for jobbing SkyNews Cameramen or, thats cool. But why not say so? And lets slot a few more articles in about staff conditions, retirement plans, commuting problems etc. But don't pretend its Cahiers du fricken Cinematograper.... 6. Seek out all the posts on Framing, Composition, Production Design, Editing Technique (not software) - there aint many folks. Why? Andrews busy? No problem, but just don't pretend to yourself that EOSHD is something it isn't. Its less useful than the Reviews Stories on BH's online shop. Most of the time. I wish it wasn't (and don't screw with me you Clarkson-loving Etype-lusting future retirees out there) - I've paid my dues and used this site for a long time. Hell I probably accounted for 5% of its traffic. A good example is the 'Pinned' Topic on "Shooting Inspiration and Ideas" - Nice idea to start a discussion. Just a pity A.R. does not mention any inspiration or Ideas. Thats for the plebs i guess. This is the kind of DailyMail hack website/hipster blogger nonsense which peeves me no end. Why is it pinned? You wanna solicit some traffic on that subject? Cool. Why not put up or shut up? Is it just to try to start a conversation on 'fimmaking"? Well, too bad (for all of us) - nobodys biting. Its got 24 replies compared with Clarksons hundreds. Wonder Why... 7. This site has all the architectural and functional finesse of a bad Themeforest Joomla site. I can buy it in India for 30 quid. To me, thats lazy. Theres lots of gifted designers out there, and they'd probably do it for free to contribute to a creative community. If there was a creative community. Sorry Everybody but a community is not just a website where a few hundred people occasionally read and post a reply. 8. The site's content is taxonomically random in a way that frustrates and does't invite easy reading. Looking for location documentary stories? Nope. (and don't mention TAGS please...) 9. The sites been up for nigh on three years and It has helped build Brand Reid. Good. We all need to sell advertising. Good. Good....BUT...Out of maybe....30,000 posts, Andrew has posted nearly 7,000 it says. Thats also good, and I've read, appreciated many, slept through many more...BUT is this a place that gets my time? IS it trying hard to be a Curated and Edited Place for Filmmaking and Filmmakers - naaaah...it aint. 10. Andrew has been downright out of line to some posters here IMO. Its my opinion, s'all, but it seems I'm not the only one who sees this. Now I know us mere readers can't be 'as equal' as the publisher. I get that. Thats fine. But easy with the entitled, patronising tones please. It seems...to insult your readership. 11. These days everyones an expert on something. Building Your Brand Is Key, they say. I do fear that EOSHD's brand is built on exceedingly weak foundations however. The answer is to shape up and do what it promised. Or else delegate this 'content' work to another. Someone who is a good Editor. Personally I've never met an Editor in Publishing who was also a useful cameraperson or cinematographer. Or vice versa. Andrew's credentials as a cultural commentator are (for me) forever damaged after his passionate pleas that the BBC were acting like cultural fascists (or words to that effect). Really Andrew? You think that TG is "Important Work" huh? I always thought you were somewhat relevant. I was wrong. Way wrong. That doesnt mean you don't know your way around a german or japanese camera, but only a dinosaur would defend JC like you have, bless. 12. Its not ideal to scream at the subtle racism on this site by some very few contribs, but at least it would be good to have some fun with those weirdos using this forum to take the last train to Clarksonville and defend Mr. Camerons drunk racist mate Jeremy? Could even set up a vintage car club for any EOSHDs distraught TG Fans? The BRollers? Ok...theres my civic duty completed for another year. I trust I haven't offended anyone this time. Filmmaking shouldn't be conventional. It should be brave. Different. Visceral. It should also be honest and engage with the world around us. Top Gear on the other hand is Prince Philip's favourite show. It has nothing to teach 'Filmmakers'. Get it Andrew?
  2. This is too easy - but hey...lets see: First off, bye Jimmy. Heard you were bored. But SleepyWill has written (in his best English)... "I'm all for better representation of women, ethnic backgrounds et al, bring it on, but instead of shoehorning it into entertainment made for a different audience, make quality content that the demographic you wish to represent would like to watch". Now I'm sure Wills is a top notch something or other, but please tell us what "entertainment made for a different audience" is? Do you mean Middle Aged White British Men? Now SleepyWill (et al) - picture this (hypothetical) situation for a moment... Your Wife goes to work. Theres a bit of 'banter' with - her superior (But she tolerates him because he's so very popular with everyone) She fails to do something to his liking. He hits out at her violently, she falls. But its not so serious, thankfully. No hospital, but damnit she's shocked. And bloody angry. But she's conflicted - everyone likes the boss, and he is a funny anachronistic old fcker. But deep down, you know he's a "very decent chap'. This narrative is as i've said, obviously hypothetical. But - what do you do with that guy SleepyWill? Let him keep his job? Give him a third chance? (I wouldn't) Perhaps its okay if the bruised ones a guy? And a foreign guy... I'm guessing you are not so experienced in scriptwriting Wills, on account of you not being able to read so good. I dd not say "I tolerate people saying Nigger" SleepyWill now did I? Does it feel good to type that out fully? In my (black) neighbourhood we'd find that to be offensive banter, y'know? Very Offensive. But well done for sticking up for young MattH. I'm sure he appreciated your defence. Unfortunately though, MattH isn't very well informed either.... For instance - Egypt. I take it from your description (MattH) you didn't enjoy the filth in Cairo. Sorry about that. Perhaps If the British Conservative Party (and British Labour Party, I know) hadn't stage-managed Hosni Mubarak's autocratic regime for 30 years, the cleanup for your arrival would've been faster. Of course Mr. C mightn't have agreed because I gather he's a rather staunch supporter. The same filth you had to endure on your little trip, you will find in Myanmar. In India. In Nigeria. In Ghana. In Nepal. In Palestine. In Iraq. In South Africa. etc etc etc Have you spotted a connection MattH? Yes. Thats right. They're all Jeremy Clarksons fault. No. I'm joking. It's the fault of pampered, cushioned, disinterested sleepy people who think that their cotton sheets from Egypt, flowers from Kenya, Basil from Peru, Aluminium ores from Guinea, Ghanaian Gold for better headphone sound, iPhone coltan of Burundi, Uranium-powered electricity from Niger, and rare-earth elements for shiny Samyangs and cultish Cookes from Guyana and Mongolia, should be readily available to consumers at whatever cost (to the producing country's population). Sorry. Theres always a cost. Its called Underdevelopment. Post/Proxy/Colonialism. Filth (well spotted). Poverty. Immigration (Get ready, sorry). etc If it seems like I'm forking into new territory for the heck of it - I'm not. This is your territory. My territory. Everyones territory. You can turn on, tune in and drop off to sleep if you like, but I believe its better to be straight up abut it. I am certainly not jealous of JC as some have suggested, I just think he broke some simple rules and set a bad example for fathers all over the world. And anyone on this forum who is getting tired of my calling out racist ignorance - Don;t worry. I'm off. i just bounced in here because my friends and I were offended at what Andrew Reid wrote about his 'Banter'. What MattH said that was ignorant, and what SleepyWill said that we consider totally racist. Ich Bin Ein Auslander here in Middle Clarksonia I guess.
  3. Ok...It seems everyone here are fans of the JC Show. I'm not. But don't run me over in your [enter fast machine here] I've worked in 40 countries in production and elsewhere, and some words from this JC love-in ring familiar... "Just Banter" - A.R. This term is frequently used by the same people who start heir sentences with "I'm not racist - but..." Andrew...you can use the N word or any other word and I won't be offended if its in person. Free Speech, You're entitled to be unclear on what billions of people find offensive. 'Banter' however refers typically to off the cuff, private, (and often laughably offensive, but who cares) chatter between people who have their own rules. Policing that Banter is BS. Totally agree. However, surely you are old enough now to realise that a TV Shoe watched by hundreds of millions can NEVER count as...Banter. Jeez... "The Real Polluters are Developing Countries Coal Mines, not Cars" - Matt Something Poor Matt must never have been to a developing country. And likely has never had anyone over to his mobile home for dinner who was from one. If he had he would know that Developing countries FDI comes from countries like the UK/US/DE etc They Burn. We Benefit my friend...Dont fool yourself... Folks...TG is a dumb, yet popular show. Let it burn. There'll be another one soon....
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