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  1. I thought I would check back on this 'discussion' again. It has helped me understand better why this website is so underwhelming to me. I say that as someone who has used this site for years as (one more) reference for filmmaking. The rot started to form a while back - before this Clarkson nonsense - when I read a post about the LX100. An amazing little camera I felt. But it got sneered on - initially. Soon after there was a 'rethink' - suddenly it was a super piece of kit etc etc Later after getting flamed by SleepyWill and some other old timers, I started to mentally list why this website
  2. This is too easy - but hey...lets see: First off, bye Jimmy. Heard you were bored. But SleepyWill has written (in his best English)... "I'm all for better representation of women, ethnic backgrounds et al, bring it on, but instead of shoehorning it into entertainment made for a different audience, make quality content that the demographic you wish to represent would like to watch". Now I'm sure Wills is a top notch something or other, but please tell us what "entertainment made for a different audience" is? Do you mean Middle Aged White British Men? Now SleepyWill (et al) - picture this (h
  3. Ok...It seems everyone here are fans of the JC Show. I'm not. But don't run me over in your [enter fast machine here] I've worked in 40 countries in production and elsewhere, and some words from this JC love-in ring familiar... "Just Banter" - A.R. This term is frequently used by the same people who start heir sentences with "I'm not racist - but..." Andrew...you can use the N word or any other word and I won't be offended if its in person. Free Speech, You're entitled to be unclear on what billions of people find offensive. 'Banter' however refers typically to off the cuff, private, (and ofte
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