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  1. You know here in Melbourne, records are coming back in fashion because youth now want something tangible, they want to hold their music, they want to see the art work. if Canon and Nikon could market the Art back into photography, cameras could maybe take off again.. Just like music has come easy, photos have come easy and it's all just junk food, bringing meaning back, the art back just like making records cool again, a new market exists
  2. I went to a local electronics superstore yesterday and they had in their display a d5100 and d3100, 600d, they also had the sony nex 3 and 5 and they wanted full $$$ for it! This is typical of many big electronic retail chains, it's obvious that volume for cameras are declining with so much obsolete inventory still selling, it's depressing and ominous, but does Canon or Nikon want to get ahead of the game? No they want to drip feed BS and try and drive the same volumes out, well it ain't happening and now we have an over saturated under selling mess of shit
  3. I have heard canon is announcing at nab a gh4 competitor, could this mean we will get a sub c100 entry cam? I don't care if canon don't innovate video in dslr, I actually would love to go cinema line but it has to be at the right price. It seems illogical that canon haven't built the cinema line that covers all markets
  4. Aren't all digital films transferred into film to preserve them? Digital preservation doesn't last. I personally can't wait for Star Wars to return to Film, the most recent Digital Star War films were visually totally lacking in character.
  5. I'm just a newbie here but there is rumours that Canon are announcing the 750d this Friday with a 24mp sensor, could this be Sonys? IF so then could not this mean we get at least 1080p at the level of the A6000 or D5300? This would be at least enough for Canon until the 5dmk4 later this year which I am sure in my opinion will have 4k. cheers mike
  6. Reading specs for 750D it looks to be a 24 mp, could it be sonys? Could this mean we get FHD quality same as D5300 or A6000?
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