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  1. ++++++++++1 Ready to donate some €€€
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzPdvK-_uM9uSjBRY2JzOE0wY2M/view?usp=sharing Here you go
  3. ​hi guys, first post here, waiting for delivery of my nx1 today, i'm hoping it wont be a body affected by the bug, i was wondering if someone tried what Stakers wrote here, it looks like nobody read it. Everybody went on just discussing if the videos had exp shift or not, if it's normal or not. And btw, no. It is not normal, even if u pan to an overexposed area. Yes of course the scene will be brighter with brighter lights, but a camera in manual mode MUST not compensate, at all. Anyway, back to the topic, those of u with the "bug", did you u try to turn off framing guides and see if it's the setting causing the shift?
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