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  1. The way I see this fiasco is optimistically. First of all, Canon engineers made an astounding camera. They made a 4.000 $ mirrorless body camera able to record 8K RAW indefinitely without a hiccup. Then, of course, the marketing dept. saw this and, terrified of having their cine cameras going into the dustbin, required the engineers to make something about it. Some "genius" came out with the stupid idea of both fake overheating and the fake cool down period (which smelled fishy to anyone building computers or knowing just a little bit about electronics). But now we know an 8K RAW camera with unlimited recording can be done at the size of a mirrorless body. We know and Canon competitors know too. Sony or Panasonic have cine cameras to protect, but Fuji, Nikon or Sigma don't. I bet engineers in these companies are working, as we speak, on making something similar to what Canon did. And they will succeed, eventually. We are in for a big jump in video recording from small cameras. Thank you Canon!!!
  2. ​Wow. That was really uncalled for. Do you think insulting readers disagreeing with you is a good policy to attract new ones? Can't you simply reply in a civil way or ignore the critique completely?
  3. I do concerts and tv-like shows and I'm always concerned about one thing: Is there a limit on the NX1 to the maximum recording time or file size per clip? Any difference in cameras sold in Europe vs the rest of the world? Thanks for any info regarding this.
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