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  1. I'm a little late in doing this, but for anyone still interested in the DIY single-focus anamorphic approach, here's an updated video. Here are the ingredients: Blackmagic Pocket -> Metabones Speedbooster -> Jupiter 9 85mm -> Isco Ultra Star -> Polaroid 250D Achromatic Diopter (77mm) -> focusing tube -> Cavision .6x Wide-Angle Adapter (82mm) Main difference from my first setup is the use of an achromatic diopter (the Polaroid close-up filters aren't too bad, btw!) and I've snugged the focusing tube up a bit so it doesn't jitter as much. Now I'm trying to figure out a variable neutral density filter solution. The end of this thing has > 82mm threads, so that's a pretty huge ND filter... but at the same time I don't know that I like the idea of an electronic ND filter at the mount. Might have to figure out something in the middle of the pipeline.
  2. Anyone had experience with the Polaroid 250D Close Up Lens/achromat? Just ordered one. Was $60 for the 77mm version. Have never really considered Polaroid to be optimal quality, glass/lens-wise, but the reviews were positive. I found it while looking at the Canon 250D/500D, which this particular achromat compares favorably to.
  3. I've received some messages about the setup and thought it might be helpful to post this. This is the new non-cardboard housing. I'm waiting for my 77mm achromatic diopter to arrive, and will post a new test once I get that. (Hopefully this particular achromat is good quality... it's both well-reviewed and fairly cheap. Will talk more about that once I get it.)
  4. Hey guys! I stumbled upon this thread while researching tricks and workarounds for single-focusing anamorphic lenses. Initial searches brought me to the "Fokus|Automat" project: Technically very impressive, but bulky and seemingly complicated... and it appears to no longer be in development. Later I found this thread and was inspired to have a try at focusing with a wide-angle adapter. I received my 0.6x Wide Angle Adapter yesterday and came up with this short test. Setup: Blackmagic Pocket + Metabones Speedbooster + Jupiter 85mm f/2 + ISCO UltraStar 1.75x + 77mm Hoya +4 macro filter + 82mm Cavision 0.6x wide angle adapter (More details in video description.) Stretched from 1920x1080 to 3360x1080 in After Effects, then exported at 1920x618. Currently I'm looking for a large (77mm / 82mm) achromatic diopter, which I hope will minimize chromatic aberration and sharpen things up a bit. Thanks for sharing your experiments here!
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