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  1. I'm a little late in doing this, but for anyone still interested in the DIY single-focus anamorphic approach, here's an updated video. Here are the ingredients: Blackmagic Pocket -> Metabones Speedbooster -> Jupiter 9 85mm -> Isco Ultra Star -> Polaroid 250D Achromatic Diopter (77mm) -> focusing tube -> Cavision .6x Wide-Angle Adapter (82mm) Main difference from my first setup is the use of an achromatic diopter (the Polaroid close-up filters aren't too bad, btw!) and I've snugged the focusing tube up a bit so it doesn't jitter as much. Now I'm trying to figure out a varia
  2. Anyone had experience with the Polaroid 250D Close Up Lens/achromat? Just ordered one. Was $60 for the 77mm version. Have never really considered Polaroid to be optimal quality, glass/lens-wise, but the reviews were positive. I found it while looking at the Canon 250D/500D, which this particular achromat compares favorably to.
  3. I've received some messages about the setup and thought it might be helpful to post this. This is the new non-cardboard housing. I'm waiting for my 77mm achromatic diopter to arrive, and will post a new test once I get that. (Hopefully this particular achromat is good quality... it's both well-reviewed and fairly cheap. Will talk more about that once I get it.)
  4. Hey guys! I stumbled upon this thread while researching tricks and workarounds for single-focusing anamorphic lenses. Initial searches brought me to the "Fokus|Automat" project: Technically very impressive, but bulky and seemingly complicated... and it appears to no longer be in development. Later I found this thread and was inspired to have a try at focusing with a wide-angle adapter. I received my 0.6x Wide Angle Adapter yesterday and came up with this short test. Setup: Blackmagic Pocket + Metabones Speedbooster + Jupiter 85mm f/2 + ISCO UltraStar 1.75x + 77mm Hoya +4 macro filter + 82mm
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