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  1. Yes, these are H265 files, straight from the camera. I notice the 40Mbit @ 50/60p is fine but it's the lower 16-18Mbit 24/25P modes where macroblocking can happen. So the problem and solution appears to be related to the relatively low bitrate.
  2. Overall, a superb camera, especially for photos. Samsung has come a long way from the NX200! One small complaint: Since the Nx1 is capable of 80Mbits, why didn't Samsung increase the bitrate for 24/23.98 for the FHD modes? Pro mode in 24/25P allow 16-18 Mbits which doesn't make sense considering the 50/60p modes allow for 40! I notice heavy macro-blocking when the scene is heavy on details(trees for instance) and then the skies become a macro-blocking mess. Seems H.265 is more prone to this than H.264. If Samsung truly is going to update the firmware to improve it, I hope they do two things:
  3. ​Can you state the Mb per second in the new PRO setting for HD? in H.265?
  4. ​If it comes with an EVF, it would be perfect.
  5. ​Can you explain further what you mean? I see the exposure shift but am unsure if this is really a problem or not? Could this be related to perhaps the BSI sensor of the NX1? Maybe it's too sensitive to light than other sensors? Or is this really a bug?
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