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  1. Hey Andrew, Now that you have showed us that the LX100 is a small video shooting beast, could you write a quick review of your LX100 shooting process and setup? I own one and use it to shoot classical music concerts. (here is an exemample of teaser I made) As you can see i strugled to get descent colors so i went for the BW in post. But picture quality is amazing, I manage to get descent image event zoomed at almost 300% in post. (for 720p output) My shooting settings are those: Contrast: -5 Noise Reduction: -4 Saturation: -4 Sharpening: 0 Shadows: +5 Hilights: -5 The I play with color correct
  2. Concerning the battery door, isn't there a way to unmount it properly? even if it's not supposed to there's always a way... when it's on a rig the battery and SD are not going to go anywhere anyway, and you can still put a piece of gaffer tape if you're not confident... i'm planning on using this camera mainly for baroque music concerts. Since i already have a FUji X-T1 for amazing stills, i'm not willing to invest in a A7S rig (yet) so the LX100 is the perfect camera for me... amazing 4K and good enough lowlight perf. the 15min limitation seems okay since very few pieces of music
  3. When you look at the DPreview studio test at corners it's as sharp or sharper than FZ1000, CANON GX7 or SONY RX100 III http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/image-comparison/fullscreen?attr18=daylight&attr13_0=panasonic_dmclx100&attr13_1=panasonic_dmcfz1000&attr13_2=canon_g7x&attr13_3=panasonic_dmcgh4&attr15_0=raw&attr15_1=raw&attr15_2=raw&attr15_3=raw&attr16_0=200&attr16_1=200&attr16_2=200&attr16_3=200&normalization=full&widget=156&x=-1.002604166666667&y=-1.1231603408210689 By the way, how much the 4K videos recorded handles
  4. Really great clip for great music here congrats! I was wondering what is the use of that HDMI port. Is it just for playing back your recorded videos and pics on TV or is it a video output (like on the RX100 III) so you can plug an Atmos recorder like the Ninja Star or Shogun for 4k and get good Prores files. Plus canceling the time limit... Thanks for the review it´s the best on the whole wide web. I think that this camera is also coming for the ass of the Fuji X100 series which is a little biger, better stills quality and colors, same dials way of shooting but over-crappy vide mode!!!
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