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  1. The client and the cinema projections says 24,00p. No 23,98, no 23,976, nothing else. Since Sony statet out it is 24p (while they are mentionin 23,97 as 23p on their website) I thought the camera cna support also perfect 24p cinema standard like the gh4, that also can handle 23,97 / 24,00 / 25,00 / 29,97 Native ISO is 800 as I understood. I would go up to 1600 and maybe 3200 since the cpu is very good. But the chip is only 1". Have you been able to get a better display quality in Av Mode when shooting in low light conditions? It looks like to me the display is switching to SD resolution
  2. they all want perfect 24p I understand that for US it doesnt matter, but to me it matters if it is 23,97 or 24p I cant understand why Sony does advice that the cam can shoot 24p, when it doesnt. the gh4 can handle it perfectly too, and I suppose other Sony cams can also do perfect 24p it's a pain.... for video you need to switch to MF, caus in DMF it still runs the zoom, while in Af Mode you can either use DMF or MF to focus. In my opinion, focus peaking and the display does work really BAD
  3. the monitor of the RX10 has serious issues when in High ISOs in Av Mode... You can't see anything other than a lot of noise. It is really strange, it seems to affect only the preview on the monitor, becouse the image is almost clean I could... but wouldn it be better if the Sony shoots at perfect 24 fps like the GH4? Unfortunately also the export from Vegas to XAVC is only at 23,97.... really unhappy about this... you need to wrap it into a mainconcept AVC or X264 file to get proper 24p
  4. My cleint is requesting perfect 24p since we are in Europe and he want to deliver it for EU + US also for conema spots you need 24p
  5. Hi Andrew Have you been able to set the camera up to shoot REAL 24p? Cause mine RX10 II shoots only 23,976 in NTSC Mode.... Im really unhappy about this.... would be glad to get any workaround.... thanks
  6. any update concerning the LX100? Have any one of you get a reply from Panasonic?
  7. Yes a good point... I understand Panasonic thought at the drone flyers, especially when thinking at DJI which can carry up to 8kg... but we have some law regulations here in Europe that makes hughe problems if you fly over 4kg. and at moment there is no way to geht the GH4 in a flying drone withouth costing special permissions. But just think how many are using gimbals today for steady shots... or using an external monitor to find the best FOV & Focus point... so HDMI would be very necessary
  8. Have you every tried the Lumix App.. its such crap on smartphones... you need hughe tablets to see something. Panasonic have not understand that there is something called overlay menus not only for cameras, but also for Android apps... I hope they change it there was a freak developer that want to do a fullscreen app, but no updates yet how far he is...
  9. Thanks a lot Andrew. please keep us up to date To all: if you wish HDMI Out please start complaining to Panasonic on all channes (Emails, Marketing, Facebook). Maybe togheter we are able to move Panasonic in doing something. I think if they get HDMI, they dont need to worry any other compact camera coming in 2015
  10. sorry but I dont agree at all with you. if people want to crash and claim warranty, than they could also do it with the GH4. I would be happy if Panasonic has advertised the cam as foto only with 4k feature, but for Photokina they produced a lot of SEPCIAL 4k video stuff to show how well the camera performs for film making. and they also explained clearly that hdmi out is a feature only of the GH Series, wich they want to keep at higher level. We have spoken with the German PM and he also said he sees a really need in this but also the HEadquarter just don't want to integrate it, while the
  11. but why should it be a problem for the camera to give out HDMI... they already use LVDS digital port and they have some kind of coprocessor to reduce the video res to some kind of HD so that you can see it on the screen, so its already a postprocessed image that you see with overlays. why not just make a pass through the hdmi out... ok it's not 4k, but everyone and especially drone users would be happy. Instead of this, no one is going to purchase the LX100 and all are waiting for the new sony alphas coming in January... and sorry, your thought in using a second FPV camera is totally wrong
  12. sure I understand you in this and I agree... but there was not so many talking about the HDMI and I thought this is a beta issue... becouse for what do I put a HDMI on a camera like this, that in the menu is capable of giving out 4k in 422, when no signal comes out at all and only the AV-Out in 480p works in playback mode... o probably they expect that customers purchase a panasonic viera (viera link) so that you can use the HDMI? than it#s better they completely leave away that fucking special usb port (wich no one needs) and also leave away hdmi out. make camera 100 bucks cheaper &
  13. I really don't understand why Andrew doesn't reply at all. He seems to be a Panasonic angel, but when it needs to get any serious feedback, he never reply (also not on emails regarding the purchase of his user guides...) Comon Andrew, you are the best chance to help us in being more happy with the LX100. Please help us. I pay for your phone call + your time lost....
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