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  1. I have now sorted it out. Thank you for your comments. Unsrewing the front ring and twisting it helped freee up the focus ring. Very happy now. Thanks
  2. Hi Araccaria and Ken, Thanks so much for your help with this. I tried both, pulling it out from the front and pushin it back in. But it still doesn't want to move. I have undone the small screws around the lens to see if one was locking it in, but it didn't help. Thanks anyway, i will continue to try.
  3. Hi, I would be hugely greatful if someone can offer me some advice on this lens and the problem i have with it. I have just recieved a Isco - Gottingen lens and the focus ring seems to be locked at 16m. I'm unable to focus and was hoping someone was able to inform me the correct way to be able to fix this, or inform me as to which sew to undo. Many thanks for you time :)
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